COD Zombies: Kino Der Toten [Minigame]

Probably one of the most highly requested maps for me to remake, Kino Der Toten is finally out! This was the fifth zombies installment in COD and it brought some new features that continue to be used to this day 10 years later. I tried my best to bring those features into Minecraft as well. From the crawlers to the film reels, I tried my best to bring back the details that made Kino, Kino. So grab your snacks and take your seats because the show is about to commence!

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Update 2: Highly requested changes finally added


Universal changes (excluding Holiday Themed Nacht Der Untoten):


-added a "Restart Map" feature that allows you to reset the entire map so you start back at the Lobby Room. You can reset the map from the "game over" room/ the room where everyone can check their high score (I still recommend keeping one copy of the map in case something becomes messed up during the playthrough)

-zombies now shouldn't spawn in areas that are not open yet

-updated colored signs on the map to make them more vibrant and visible in darker areas

-fixed issue that may have caused some players to not be able to download the resource packs if they were trying to join the host


Kino Der Toten:

-slightly buffed the fire trap against enemies

-changed the aesthetic of the Mystery Box location board

-added "coils" at the electric trap locations to make it obvious where the trap will be

Thanks for being patient and, as always, thanks for the feedback!


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Hello there! I made an account just so I could make this comment, I wanted to say this is amazing, and wanted to know if you'd ever need help with commands or such, if you'd like, I would love to help make other maps even or just do commands to help as I love to make mini games, if so let me know! I'd love to help
Have you considered using add-ons in your maps?
WOW! The amount of effort put into this is insane, good job. Seriously. Gonna get my friends on to play some good old zombies.
Thanks! I appreciate the kind words. Glad you liked it!
why can't I play
oh yeah, edu, it 1.17.50
It's a good map. It has great textures and it also feels like the original Kino Der Toten however the map failed at one thing and that is player convenience. Having to press a button every single time is quite annoying. The map doesn't reset after it's game over making the its replay value none unless you copy the map before playing. You should add waves too if that's possible.
Thanks for the feedback! I will take some of it into account. I’m currently thinking of a way to do the map reset part
Long have I waited for this great person to return...

My friends and I love all your maps, they're super fun to play. Keep up the good work!
Y’all are the reason I make these maps. Glad you enjoy them!
The legend is back again for more minecraft cod zombies