Colors - A Remake of 'Diversity'

Colors is a remade version of the old and popular Minecraft map, 'Diversity.' The goal is simple. The goal is to complete levels and obtain the colored wool. After obtaining the wool, place it down at it's assorted color.  Over 100 command blocks were placed. This map took 3 days. 

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- Made the last level easier. (The black level)
- Changed some usernames in the 'Credits' area.

- Minor game improvement.


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great job jake
The creative mode doesn't even work
Why is so heard to get color why can't you make it more easy
As of 1/25/20 @ 3:54pm UTC, 'Colors' has reaches 13970 downloads. I am forever more grateful to all of you for the support. With that being said, 'Colors 2' is now in the making! <3
Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to upload anything recently. I've been so busy! I'll try my best to upload new content whenever I can. :D
on my ios device, it says "Level import started..." and then "Level import failed" when I click on the file in files (that sounds so confusing I'm sorry).
ACK! Sorry everyone for not being online at all. I'll try by best to fix this when I can. :)
Jake why did u not credit me in the credits on this site? -Nick
my bad- anyways credits to 'Nick Games56555'
Hi jakedawolflover !
I played your map and i have to say, THIS IS THE FIRST DIVERSITY PE MAP THAT I WANTED TO COMPLETE !!!, I checked your map because im making a "Diversity PE" map too, it take a lot of time(for now 5 month), your map its a REALLY good map but you need to do an update and add more levels, i have some question for you, did you ask "Qmagnet" about your map before you uplode yours ?
Hope you comment me back !
Hi again(Guest-3501148599) My name in Bedrock edition is ThePigTheKing, this server from some reason doesnt give me to log in my account.
DUDE I REALLY LIKE . maybe you can make a longer one one day?
The first time I dided in Trivia, I spawned on top of the map.
Try this command - /setworldspawn @a 0 4 5
does this work in multiplayer?
Hello i am the other person who created this map (nick games56555) and yes it will work if you have multiple people playing
also sorry about the long wait
Guest-6882089981 May 31, 2020 at 5:08 am
A great map I really like the texture packs can I use this for my map can I create a map like this by giving you credits
Bernkastel Wannabe May 31, 2020 at 12:42 am
Nezuko-chan! UwU
wait until zenitsu commits a kidnapping
Doesnt work in 1.12 or lower.
Thanks for the help! (Also sorry for the extremely late reply.) :)