Commander Boss Machine Addon

The Commander Boss Machine Addon implements a new boss to the game as well as some other additional mobs and items. The boss entity is extremely powerful, so make sure that you have powerful weapons, plenty of food and a strong armor before fighting it. Just like the Command Block, this mob has abilities such as summoning entities, projectiles and even teleport.

How does it work?

The Commander Boss Machine spawns in the Overworld as it replaces the Creeper. You can also spawn it manually by using the Creeper Spawn Egg.

The boss has several different attacks which it will use as attempts to kill its target(s). It can spawn entities, teleport and a whole bunch of things (see more info further down).

Also the Pig has been replaced by an Explosive Pig which wears a block of TNT on its back. The Explosive Pig is hostile toward players and will explode upon contact.

There are more features to be explored with this add-on. Check out the features list further down!


  • Mobs
    • Commander Boss Machine
      • Replaces Creeper
      • Summons lighting bolt sometimes
      • Summons projectiles (arrows, fireballs and chemical projectiles)
      • Summons entities (zombies, husks, wither skeletons and exploding pigs)
      • Teleports sometimes
      • Melee attacks sometimes
      • Health: 1000
      • Automatically charged once spawned
      • Creeper egg is replaced by a command block (looking egg)
    • Explosive Pig
      • Replaces Pig
      • Charges toward players and explode on contact
    • Zombie Pigman
      • 18 Hearts
      • Has effects the same as the effects of command sword
      • Stronger
    • Mutant Silverfish
      • Replaces silverfish
      • 8 Hearts
      • Causes fatal poison to player
      • Larger in size
    • Commandborg
      • Replaces vex
      • 5 hearts
      • Has almost the same behavior as the normal vex
    • Commandbot
      • Replaces spider
      • 8 hearts
      • Becomes lightning bolt when it gets more damages
    • Red Commandbot
      • Replaces cave spider
      • 8 hearts
      • Explodes when it gets more damage.
    • Command Egg
      • Summons either Commandbot or Red Commandbot
  • Weapons / Items
    • Command Sword
      • This item will help the player to fight the boss and its entities
      • Increases players speed
      • Doubles the player's health
      • Causes effects (absorption, strength, resistance, fire resistance, jump boost)

      Note from The Commander Creeper:

      If you are going to feature my add-on in YouTube, make sure to credit me and don't claim that the creator of this add-on is you.

      For those who are interested to donate money for my Minecraft creations. You can donate your money here at my PayPal link:

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        4.76 / 5 (17 votes)
        how do we get the commanded sword
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        Why are you still playing in that version
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        Could you make it so the mobs don't replace already existing ones? Great add-on tho
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        Guest-8278281144 May 15, 2020 at 8:20 pm
        I was downloading this addon since i am 9 and now i am 14 This is the best boss mod EVER
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        This mod came out in 2018, so you're 11
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        Sounds cool
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        Guest-1073814119 May 07, 2020 at 8:56 am
        Good add-on. It does what it says.
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        This don't work on my world my version is
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        Upgrade it so you can have strength.

        Make it a custom entity

        Add a boss bar

        Improve health to 1000
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        It says I have the textures but I cant find them
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        Commander creeper,can you add commandblock armor at the next update?it will be so cool,i will appreciate it
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        I love boss battles to get strong and to level up
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