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Connected Glass Texture

Have you guys ever wanted the the connected glass texture in Minecraft Bedrock Edition well here it is Connected Glass Texture.

This Texture pack makes the glass look like they're connected

This Pack give the glass and the glass panes a Connected Glass Texture

Removing the border texture of the glass and the glass panes to help in your builds with a better appearance

Colour glass and glass panes also have the Connected Glass Texture with no borders 

This helps in a lot of your build designs making your builds look cooler and a better window appearance in your Minecraft builds

Have Fun



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Sorry about the wrong download link guys (wrongly posted my other addon link)

*Updated the correct one sorry for any inconvenience


*Download the files

*Click and install them to Minecraft

*Activate the Resource Pack to get the Connected Glass Texture


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I really would love it if it could have the outline around the whole section, but idk if thats possible on bedrock but otherwise i really love this
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does this work on regular glass and glass pane or it only works on colored???
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It does work on regular glass and glass pane
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the link is for another addon
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I am really sorry but I have uploaded the link of my other addon by mistake
I have updated the correct one to Mcpedl and it is waiting to be verified
Sorry for any inconveniences
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Does It evan Work?
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