Console Aspects

This texture pack was created to make Minecraft: Bedrock Edition look, sound, and feel more like 4J Studios' Legacy Console Editions of the game. It changes things such as beds, music, and controller tooltips. If you're a player who moved to Bedrock after Console Edition was discontinued, you'll love this pack!

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Reshaded Update (3.0.0)

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Console Aspects (not in Java Aspects).


Companion Pack:

  • Added the Console Shading companion pack for Console Aspects
  • Applying this pack above Console Aspects recolors Minecraft in a variety of ways:
    • Increased gamma
    • Brighter grass (Thanks, @carlosisawsom55!)
    • Softer overworld fog
    • Darker End fog, brighter End sky
    • More solid water
    • Consistent snowflake textures

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Added cartography table and stripped spruce log side textures from Console Edition
  • *Added the shield textures from PS4 Edition
  • Grass and ferns are no longer white at a distance (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • *Deepslate, azalea leaves, and sculk no longer randomly rotate to match Console Edition's pattern
  • Carried mangrove leaves are now brighter to match Console Edition's pattern
  • Rain and lava fog colors now match Console Edition
  • *End sky color now matches Console Edition
  • Rain fog is now the same distance from the player as clear weather fog
  • *Water fog distance in old biomes is now farther out to match Console Edition
  • *Water fog now adjusts in 10 seconds instead of 30
  • Carried fletching tables now match Console Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Removed dried kelp block texture as Bedrock Edition changed to match Console Edition

Entity Models and Animations:

  • Added Console Edition held item positions for 2D items, perpendicular items (such as tools and bones), totems of undying, bows, fishing rods, banners, tridents, spyglasses, and shields (Thanks in part to @ZouChenyunfei and @netongas_ng!)
  • *Changed first person trident and crossbow animations (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
    • Currently, the trident changes match Java Edition. Console Edition has unique trident animations, but they are closer to Java than Bedrock Edition.
  • *Added villager item poses from Console Edition
  • *An emerald now appears above villagers while visually trading
  • *Witch hoods are now visibleHurt entity overlays are now more transparent (Thanks, @LukasPAH and @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • *Sneaking while flying with an empty hand now causes the player to pose instead of sneak
  • *The crossbow no longer floats above the hand
  • Pillagers now keep their crossbows up all the time
  • Vindicators, zombie villagers, and zombie pigmen now hold offhand items in the right place
  • Non-drowned enemies no longer brandish tridents
  • Enemies without bows no longer act like they're drawing an arrow
  • Zombies now hold their arms normally when dual wielding
  • Cape movement is now closer to Console Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Glow squids and blazes now have consistent lighting across their model (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei and @netongas_ng!)
  • Added various features from MultiPixel (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
    • Llama decor and pig saddles are now separate from the body
    • Shulker bullets now have a semitransparent shell
    • Zombie villager robes no longer stick through armor
    • Endermen now shake when angry
    • Charged creeper armor now flashes while exploding
  • Added cow and pig models from Console Edition (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • *Baby villagers now have big heads
  • End crystals now rotate like Console Edition (Thanks, AlexCosmico#0769!)
  • Elytra and cape positions now match Console Edition (Thanks in part to @LateLagMC!)


  • Glass pane, conduit, end rod, lightning rod, and shield inventory icons now match Console Edition (Thanks, @LukasPAH!)
  • Added item durability bar colors from Console Edition (Thanks, @LukasPAH!)
  • Item durability bars are now visible in Creative Mode like Console Edition (Thanks, @LukasPAH!)
  • *The crosshair is now solid white like Console Edition (Thanks, @snowstormix!)
  • *The search tab in the inventory now uses an icon from Console Edition
  • *The main menu panorama now scrolls the same way as Console Edition (Thanks, HJN#3718!)
  • *The main menu panorama is now visible while changing dimensions
  • *Boss bars and names are now always pink
  • *Controller tooltip descriptions no longer have black backgrounds
  • *Empty armor slots now have more space around the icon
  • Added the half armor HUD texture from Console Edition
  • *Added the cartography table lock map UI texture from Console Edition
  • *Pocket furnace screen no longer shows result item text
  • Chat messages are no longer censored (Thanks, @LukasPAH!)
  • *Removed the vignette that appears underground, as it doesn't exist on Console Edition
  • Removed block previews in the chat screen (Thanks, @LukasPAH!)


  • All 1.16-1.19 block sounds and music now have volumes and pitches consistent with Console Edition
  • *Added crop, plant stem, and nether wart plant sounds from Console Edition
  • Chorus plants and flowers now use wood sounds
  • Deepslate bricks now make consistent step sounds
  • *Added all mini game sounds from Console Edition
    • A full list of sound events can be found in the Command List text document
  • *Lena Raine Nether music once again plays in Basalt Deltas, Crimson Forest, Soul Sand Valley, and Warped Forest
    • The Nether Wastes-exclusive "Rubedo" has been moved to the Warped Forest to keep the feel of the Nether Wastes the same as Console Edition
  • *Ender dragon sounds no longer vary in pitch
  • *End music now plays during the End Poem
  • *Villager works at smithing and fletching table sounds now match Console Edition
  • Armor stand sounds now match Console Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Crossbow sounds are now closer to Console Edition
  • *Throwing a trident is now higher pitched to match Console Edition
  • Chest boats no longer have swimming sounds
  • *Muted Nether Wastes loop and additions ambience
  • *Muted bone meal sounds
  • Removed drowning and burn damage sounds as they were added to Bedrock Edition
  • *Removed old falling sounds
  • Added most block, item, and music sound events from Java Aspects for pack parity (see the Command List)


  • Added eating and item breaking particles from Console Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Spore blossom, sculk sensor, sculk soul, wax, dripstone, copper, glow squid, powder snow, spark, and candle particles no longer rotate to face the camera
  • Log, stem, and hay breaking particles now use the side texture like Console Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Stained glass breaking particles are now semitransparent (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Warden particles are now darkened
  • Totem of undying particles are now closer to Console Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)


  • *Crimson, warped, and mangrove slabs and stairs are now called "[Type] Wood Stairs" and "[Type] Wood Slab" to match Console Edition's ruleset
  • *Block of Lapis Lazuli is now "Lapis Lazuli Block"
  • *Dirt Path is now "Grass Path"
  • *Infested blocks are now "Silverfish [Block Name]"
  • *Redstone Dust is now "Redstone"
  • *Mega Taiga is now "Redwood Taiga"
  • *Operator is now "Moderator"
  • *Raid bars no longer display Victory or Defeat messages
  • *Player permission names now match Console Edition
  • Description text of fireworks, potions, and banners now matches Console Edition in all languages (Thanks, @LukasPAH!)
  • *Leave vehicle ("Press Sneak to dismount") messages no longer appear
  • Unobtainable items now have English names instead of identifiers

==Default Textures==

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Added ore, emerald block, painting back, lectern base, dark oak log top, stripped dark oak log side, red and blue stained glass, glass pane top, barrel bottom, carrot crop, pumpkin top, end rod, brewing stand, end portal frame side, smoker bottom, cocoa beans, comparator top, grass path side, and iron door top block textures from Console Edition
  • *Added clock, compass, sugar cane, boat, sign, door, campfire, item frame, beetroot and melon seeds, dried kelp, and gold and leather armor item textures from Console Edition
  • *Maps now match Console Edition
  • *Added bottle and lapis outlines from Console Edition
  • *Added classic entity textures for all entities older than Village & Pillage, cleric villager, savanna villager, and biome-specific zombie villager entity textures from Console Edition (Thanks, @MrKazza_!)
  • *Added classic armor model textures from Console Edition (Thanks, @MrKazza_!)
  • Removed polished diorite texture as Bedrock Edition matches Console Edition


  • *The splash "Reticulating splines!" now reads "Reticulatin splines!"
  • *Loading messages now use a mix of Console Edition and Update Aquatic (Bedrock) loading messages, like PS4 Edition

==Classic Textures==

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Added the empty offhand slot texture from PS4 Edition
  • *Recreated empty armor slot textures to match exactly


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Recreated bed and shulker box textures using colors directly from the files of Console Edition
  • *Beds no longer look broken when another texture pack replaces bed textures
  • New spawn egg textures will no longer break
  • Block shading, beds, and item icons are now much higher resolution

Entity Models and Animations:

  • *Drowned now tilt normally while swimming
  • *Spyglass and goat horn animations will now play
  • Hands now render correctly in first person when holding maps
  • Punching while swimming, gliding, and holding a loaded crossbow now matches Console Edition
  • First person empty hand hitting animation is now closer to Console Edition (Thanks, ambient#2309!)
  • Third person shield blocking animations are now closer to Console Edition


  • New items will no longer show category text (Thanks, @LukasPAH!)
  • Hotbar and jukebox text heights once again match Console Edition
  • *The border around experience level on the hotbar is now equally large on all sides
  • *Pocket menus, book and quill, and player permissions screens now have back and tab sounds
  • *Raised gamma of the fallback panorama textures to match Console Edition


  • Sandstone stairs, red sandstone stairs, ender chests, light blocks, and cameras are now assigned the "stone" block sound set
  • *Menu music can once again play in Creative mode
  • *Horses now play their neighing ambient sound
  • *Cave sounds 14-19 can now play in-game


  • Adjusted breaking and walking particle hitbox size, trajectory, and quantity (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Copper and glow squid particles are no longer invisible
  • Chest breaking particles are now always square
  • Rain splash and critical hit particles now match the latest version
  • Glow item frame breaking particles are now in-line with normal item frame breaking particles


  • Game rule and Minecraft Store name changes now apply in the new create world UI
  • Globe banner pattern texts are now colored like Console Edition
  • *Cycle Held Item texts in the Controls screen now differentiate between left and right


  • Locked maps are now compatible with other resource packs
  • Experience and boss bars are now compatible with the MultiPixel texture pack
  • Item icons are now compatible with the MultiPixel texture pack
  • Carried cartography tables are now compatible with the MultiPixel texture pack
  • Chest breaking particles are now compatible with other resource packs
  • Console Aspects can now be used below Java Aspects without pack errors



  • Replaced Console Aspects+ and normal Console Aspects with Console Aspects (Performance) and Console Aspects (Fidelity)
    • Performance doesn't include item icons, durability bars, or full held item positioning, which makes the game run more smoothly
    • Fidelity includes all the features listed in this Changelog, but may run poorly or outright crash on mobile and low-end devices
    • Some Fidelity features can be enabled in Performance through ZIP files
      • Extract "" to the current directory and choose "replace" to add item icons from Console Edition
      • Extract "" to the current directory to add 1080p background panorama textures
  • Added various ZIP files to the main resource pack folder next to the Changelog
    • Extracting "" to the current directory and choosing "replace" will darken the color of all forest grass to match roofed forests on Console Edition
    • Extracting "" to the current directory will bring enderman eyes closer to Console Edition
    • Extracting "" to the current directory will add the enchantment glint from Console Edition
    • Extracting "console_inventory_effects_gui_scale_0" to the current directory and setting GUI scale to 0 with either a 2560x1440 or 3440x1440 display resolution will add current status effects to the left side of the inventory screen
      • Using either ZIP with a different display resolution, aspect ratio, or GUI scale will not align the effects with the inventory screen correctly
    • The above optional features are all additions from Lukas' Java Parity Pack (Thanks, @LukasPAH!)
    • Extracting "" to the current directory will add the console-accurate panorama behind new UI screens, like the Create World and Achievements screens, but may cause issues on some devices (Thanks, HJN#3718!)
  • Updated the minimum game version required to use the pack to 1.19.20, which means this pack is no longer compatible with earlier versions

Pack Documents:

  • *Added a Future Feature Rules text document in the resource pack folder that explains how features newer than Legacy Console Edition will be changed
  • Added a Full List of Performance Changes document to the main resource pack folder
    • This file will help me update the Fidelity and Performance versions of Console Aspects quickly
  • The subpack screen now has descriptions for each option
  • Updated LukasPAH's name and Twitter handle
  • Updated Rainvay_ZCYF's name and Twitter handle
  • Updated TrèsAbhi's name and Twitter handle


  • The textures added to the Default Textures in this update are all old versions of textures which have since been updated on Bedrock or Java Edition. Barring a few exceptions, such as stained glass and beds, Console Edition's Texture Update matches snapshot 18w50a. This update has added the Console-matching versions of all textures changed between 18w50a and now to the pack.
  • HUD and jukebox text heights cannot perfectly match Console Edition because they cannot interact with each other. On Console Edition, the presence of HUD text pushes jukebox text higher up. As such, I chose to use the lowest height of jukebox text possible on Console Edition to match in this pack.
  • On Console Edition, the battleship splash reads "Warning! A huge battleship \"STEVE\" is approaching fast!" Due to the different formats of Bedrock and Console Edition splashes, the back slashes before the quotation marks cannot be recreated for Console Aspects.
  • Landing on lily pads, scaffolding, and boats is silent in this update because all three are controlled by the same sound event in "sounds.json". There isn't one sound that can work for all of them, so it's best not to play a sound at all.
  • The same item pose code from Java Aspects crashes in Console Aspects, so the animations have been simplified. Blocks do not match their Console Edition item pose, even in Fidelity.
  • Vex items can't be fully posed like Console Edition because they work differently than normal items. Currently, only perpendicular items like weapons and bones match Console Edition. Vex also don't have an offhand on Bedrock Edition, so that item cannot be posed correctly either.
  • Channeling trident lightning sounds can't be added because they're currently bugged. Instead of using the "trident.thunder" sound from "sounds.json", Bedrock Edition uses the default thunder sound for channeling lightning.
  • The durability bars from Fidelity cannot be added to a ZIP file in Performance because they overlap with the same files as item icons.
  • The held item poses from Fidelity will not be added to a ZIP file in Performance because they are guaranteed to crash mobile devices. I will not allow players to crash their own game by accident.
  • On Console Edition, offhand maps are visible while holding a charged crossbow in your main hand. The crossbow remains centered while the map and left hand are visible. This is not possible to recreate on Bedrock Edition.


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