Published on CurseForge September 03, 2022 (Updated on May 10, 2024)

Console Aspects

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The Wolf Update (3.2.2) [1.20.80+ ONLY]

Released April 23, 2024

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Console Aspects (not in Java Aspects).

THE MISSING TEXTURE BUG which affected iron golems has been fixed in this update. Try this new version without the Missing Texture Patch first! If you still see the issue on fletching tables or light sources, you must keep using the Missing Texture Patch.



  • *Bamboo leaves are now darker to match Console Edition
  • *Steve and Alex textures (including Player Heads) now match Console Edition
  • Vaults are now shaded more like Console Edition
  • Ominous trial spawners are now shaded like Console Edition
  • *Infested, oozing, weaving, and wind charged potion bottles and tipped arrows now match the Console Edition style
  • Added trial chambers explorer map textures to remain consistent with other map textures


  • First-person offhand map animations are now closer to Console Edition (Thanks, kryzorrr on Discord!)
  • *The first-person empty hand now moves off-screen when swimming like Console Edition (Thanks, kryzorrr on Discord!)
  • *Added third-person attack animation from Console Edition (Thanks, kryzorrr on Discord!)
  • Sheep grazing and wolf begging animations now transition smoothly (Thanks in part to kryzorrr on Discord!)
  • Wolves now darken after swimming, and lighten to normal after shaking off their wetness (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Husks and drowned are now taller than zombies like Console Edition (Thanks, kryzorrr on Discord!)
  • Mace held item position now matches Java Edition for parity with Java Aspects
  • Bogged holding animations and item poses now match Console Edition
  • Armadillo, breeze, bogged, and wind charge hurt and fire overlays now match Console Edition
  • Removed wolf sitting tail change as Bedrock Edition changed to match Console Edition


  • Heavy core icon now matches Java Edition for parity with Java Aspects
  • Durability bars are now identical in Performance and Fidelity, with accurate colors and smoother menus (see Notes for details)
  • *Added the classic Bad Omen effect icon for Raid Omen


  • Critical hit sounds from Console Edition now play in-game (Thanks, kryzorrr on Discord!)
  • Added eye of ender sounds from Console Edition
  • All camel, sniffer, and breeze sounds can now play when the entity is off-screen
  • Baby camel sit and stand sounds are now higher-pitched
  • Baby sniffer scenting sounds are now higher-pitched
  • Baby armadillo rolling and unrolling sounds are now higher-pitched
  • Breeze idle air, idle ground, and whirl sounds are now randomized and play in the correct situations
  • Wind charge sounds now vary in pitch for parity with Java Aspects
  • Added vault, heavy core, cobweb, ominous bottle, and mace sound events for parity with Java Aspects
  • Fire and soul fire now use wool sounds when broken instead of wood and stone sounds, respectively
  • *Player swimming sounds now use swim1-4 and play less often like Console Edition (Thanks, kryzorrr on Discord!)


  • Wind burst particles are now billboarded


  • *Dying to a bed or respawn anchor uses the explosion death message (Player blew up)
  • *Bogged Spawn Egg is now “Spawn Bogged”
  • is now “Inverted Daylight Detector”
  • Infested, oozing, weaving, wind charged, trial omen, and raid omen effect name colors now match Java Edition in English, Mexican Spanish, and Italian for parity with Java Aspects
  • Bad Omen and Levitation are no longer considered negative effects in potion descriptions
  • Flow and guster banner pattern descriptions are now colored like Console Edition in English, Mexican Spanish, and Italian


  • Flattened leaves and coral entries in “blocks.json”



  • *Default Textures: Tipped arrow head textures now match Console Edition
  • *Classic Textures: Barrel, lectern, and smoker bottom textures now match Console Edition
  • Updated Textures: Removed double chest textures as they were added to Bedrock Edition
  • *Updated Textures: Grove water no longer uses the default color
  • *Updated Textures: Swapped snowy slopes and frozen peaks water colors to appear colder at higher altitudes
  • *Taiga underwater fog is now the correct distance
  • Removed old stonecutter texture changes


  • Wolf variants from 1.20.80 are now visible
  • Splash and lingering potions from 1.21 now use the correct texture when thrown
  • First-person punching animations are now smooth (Thanks, kryzorrr on Discord!)
  • First-person trident, bow, crossbow, spyglass, and shield attack animations now match Console Edition (Thanks, kryzorrr on Discord!)
  • While swimming, crawling, or gliding, the third-person attack animation no longer changes depending on vertical orientation (Thanks, kryzorrr on Discord!)
  • Tooting a goat horn no longer uses the eating animation
  • Updated all villager item poses with flattened IDs for future compatibility


  • *Chat message background is no longer cut off by the safe zone
  • Durability bars in Performance now match the position and size of the durability bars in Fidelity
  • Running “/hud @s hide progress_bar” no longer hides the hotbar
  • *item.dyed no longer appears on dyed leather armor trade hover text
  • Removed unused shield icon textures
  • *Removed unused empty armor slot textures


  • Updated Textures: Dead coral blocks no longer make squelchy sounds (1.21+)
  • Decorated pots now play only one break sound instead of two


  • Updated how to play changes to match 1.20.50
  • Removed blue music disc names as Bedrock Edition changed to match Console Edition
  • Updated Textures: Removed Turtle Scute and spawn egg name changes as they were added to Bedrock Edition


  • *A black square no longer appears on-screen when using VDX: Legacy Console UI below Console Aspects
    • This was achieved by hiding the statistics sidebar. Unfortunately, Cris needs to update Legacy Console UI to fix this issue properly so the statistics sidebar is still visible.
  • *Enchantment table, villager trading, and beacon hover text is now pixel-consistent in VDX: Legacy Console UI
  • *item.dyed no longer appears on dyed leather armor hover text when using VDX: Legacy Console UI
  • *The pause screen now has a dark background when using VDX: Legacy Console UI
  • Rewrote all VDX: Desktop UI compatibility to match VDX 3.0
  • The controller cursor now wraps around in containers when using VDX: Legacy Console UI



  • Added a unicode font replacement ZIP file to force the Mojangles font when certain characters are used (Thanks, @[email protected]!)
    • This is optional because many obscure characters are not supported and will not render with this replacement font
  • Updated the Aspects Missing Texture Patch with the following changes:
    • Added trial spawner and vault support
    • Updated “blocks.json” to match the new variation format from Java Aspects
    • Removed “terrain_texture.json” as the new variation system makes it unnecessary
  • Updated “” to include the mace
  • Updated the minimum game version required to use the pack to 1.20.80, which means this pack is no longer compatible with earlier versions
  • Changed pack UUID to be compatible with earlier versions of this pack
  • Updated pack version to 3.2.2

Pack Documents:

  • Updated Credits Policy to be clear about the rights contributors have once they have contributed a feature
    • In summary, AgentMindStorm receives full modification and distribution rights of all contributed features, including right to monetize, and contributors may not request to have their features removed after contributing. In return, AgentMindStorm agrees to list all contributors and their list of contributions which are still in the pack in the Credits document in Java/Console Aspects.
    • This may sound aggressive, but it is the way contributions have worked since July 17, 2023. The specifics about distribution rights were not in writing until now, but they’ve been treated that way for years. I do not want to deal with removing features that have been heavily integrated into Aspects if a contributor decides they do not want me to use their features anymore, which has happened in the past. It is a little disappointing to have to write comprehensive terms like this because Aspects has operated on the honor system for over six years, but this guarantees the pack will not lose features without warning in the future.
  • Updated pack and subpack descriptions
  • Updated the custom tab with the latest Changelog and Credits
  • Updated the Credits, Command List, Feature List, and Full List of Performance, Updated, and Compatibility Changes to be correct with this version


  • This update has three minor issues on 1.20.80 due to upcoming changes in 1.21. Plain splash and lingering potions (such as the splash water bottle) show the Wind Charged texture when thrown, cobwebs use wet grass sounds, and the breeze rod is posed incorrectly in the hand. These changes have been implemented now to make the transition into 1.21 smoother; if they were the other way around, the 1.21 update would break these features instead of fixing them.
  • In 1.20.80, Bedrock Edition’s built-in durability bar colors were changed to match Console Edition. As a result, it was possible to merge the Fidelity and Performance versions of this feature into one. Inventory screens will lag less when opened for Fidelity players as well. Unfortunately, the built-in durability bars might be hard-coded to disappear in the hotbar when the player is in Creative Mode. If you can find a solution for this, please send it to me! The performance improvements outweigh this minor downside.
  • The cape geometry included in Aspects to fix MCPE-126660 causes short arms to be disconnected from maps first-person animations. This is not a new issue in this update. Vote to fix the bug here:
  • One cause of the missing texture bug is the presence of a folder and an image with the same name in the same directory. This is why iron golems sometimes appeared as pink and black. This update removes duplicate folder and image names in the pack. The missing texture patch will still be required for devices which fail to load terrain_texture.json, which is the other major cause of missing textures.
  • Flow and guster banner pattern description colors, along with the 1.21 effect colors, have not been implemented for all languages yet because Java Edition is missing the translation strings. Support for all languages will come once 1.21 is released.
  • Sounds which are played through animations have an incorrect attentuation distance, cull when off-screen, don’t respect baby high pitching, and don’t randomly vary in pitch like other mob sounds. Only the phantom, warden, camel, sniffer, breeze, and armadillo use them. All these issues have been fixed in this update.
  • The heavy core item icon works without hiding the original item display as the Java Edition icon covers the original render completely.
  • The Legacy4J mod for Java Edition is quite similar to Console Aspects + Legacy Console UI, but for Java! Although the mod is still in development, I highly recommend it. The creator, Wilyicaro, has full permission to use any assets from Console Aspects in the mod.


  • Console Aspects 3.2.2 (Performance) [For Mobile Devices] (61.89 MB)
  • Console Aspects 3.2.2 (Fidelity) [For PC and Console] (60.65 MB)
  • Mini Game Modes 1.1.1 (183.81 MB)

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ScaryMinecraftPlayz April 28, 2024 at 9:34 pm
Update: On a world, it regains the panorama when leaving, but on a server, mainly a featured server with a texture pack, the panorama does not return to the legacy style, showing the legacy panorama images like a normal Minecraft Bedrock panorama.
ScaryMinecraftPlayz April 28, 2024 at 4:32 pm
After joining a server and leaving, the legacy panorama disappears.
Hey Agent im a great fan of you and your packs, i mainly love console aspects but a thing that should be added in console aspects woudl be The "Legacy edition/Console Crosshair" but that's just my suggestion keep up the great Work!
why is the chat box soo big on pe?
where files add files
Can you please make a seedmap? by opening idk the chat or smth you can view a imported seed or the seed your on in the moment?
can you please add files? thx
Loving the pack! Although, it looks like the new chat feature is not working well within Hive though its just fine in singleplayer and the aternos server i play on. Is there something messing it up in Hive? it does not really show any messages and just blank ones
is it me or was it supposed to be named aspects missing texture patch?
The combination of Console Aspects and 4JD Console UI is just amazing (although the console UI is a bit buggy, I'm still waiting for the update). This texture pack brings me back to the good old days when I played minigames with my sister. I remember when she would scream every time she lost in the tumble minigame (tumble was the minigame we played because she was terrible at battle and glide). However, now there are hackers on the Wii U Minecraft servers. But still, it is very fun to hop on the Wii U from time to time to play Survival in a limited world. It really just never gets old! I recommend this pack, 5/5. Great work ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
What will happen if I use Fidelity on mobile?
It should not crash anymore, but it will create large lag spikes when opening inventories. I don't recommend it.
Pretends to be a pack that makes Minecraft look like to nostalgic console edition but infact barely does anything
me when I don't read the feature list

(It is fair to say you don't see a difference in-game. It turns out, it's quite hard to make one game *feel* like another! But there are hundreds, thousands of differences. Many are sound-related. Many are old versions of current features: old Vex, old potion colors, outdated textures. Many more are small tweaks to animations, UI, and music. These small changes all add up to do their best at recreating a specific version of Minecraft released on a certain platform. If you would like to add Legacy UI, check out Legacy Console UI by CrisXolt, which is linked on this page!)
I love the old versions before 1.19. My favorites are 1.12.2, bet 1.5_01 and console edition!