Published on August 18, 2021

Cookie Clicker Map!

This map is based off the popular Cookie Clicker game! All you have to do is right click on item frames to earn cookies, buy buildings and see insane profits! This game is all about having more cookies than you can handle!

Supported Minecraft versions

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The game was really nice... But now my tchat is full of the message "The person who make these messages says thank you for playing for this long :) " and i just started playing it so i'm asking you how can i fix that?
ummm godsunit?
i bought the temple clicker and my game crashed due to the ABSURD amount of entities (cookies) around
may i make a suggestion?
imma do it anyway
i think you should add a performance mode so if your pc is a potato (like mine) you can click it and instead of dropping cookies down the chute you just automatically get the money
im not rating it until you fix this because i believe giving somebody a 1 star for lag is completely unfair
wait nevermind i fixed the problem by putting lava in the chute
WoW. This looks awesome