Published on July 05, 2021 (Updated on November 16, 2021)

Copper Expansion (Copper Golem Update)

About the addon: As the new update is here it brings a variety of features to Minecraft including copper. Copper is a cool block and is good for decoration but what happens if there was Copper armors and Tools. I even added copper golem and his buffed version. So I added them so hope you like it.

You are free to use my addon for your YouTube channel but make sure you credit me in your video.

Also if I reach more than 500 subs on my YouTube channel there is an update where i will add your ideas in Minecraft. So go and comment on my YouTube channel about your new ideas.

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1.Added Copper golem Update.

2.Added video for more information.

3.Changed some features including some textures.


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The Copper Golem looks nothing like the Minecon Live version
"Smash up to three iron golems"