Published on July 05, 2021 (Updated on November 16, 2021)

Copper Expansion (Copper Golem Update)

About the addon: As the new update is here it brings a variety of features to Minecraft including copper. Copper is a cool block and is good for decoration but what happens if there was Copper armors and Tools. I even added copper golem and his buffed version. So I added them so hope you like it.

You are free to use my addon for your YouTube channel but make sure you credit me in your video.

Also if I reach more than 500 subs on my YouTube channel there is an update where i will add your ideas in Minecraft. So go and comment on my YouTube channel about your new ideas.

Copper is a decently durable material and is not very strong and so are there tools and armor.


Copper armor gives you decent protection and is definitely more durable than gold.

Check this for more information.

The weapons are decently strong but are little durable as it is very easy to find copper.

There is also copper Apple which I thought would a bit more to the addon.

Copper golems:

I added my three versions of the copper golem in the game.

Copper golem:

The basic copper golem which sadly didn't manage to make in the game so I added him. 

Copper golem statue:

This copper golem is rusted and is almost useless. It can slowly only move some parts of his body.

Buffed copper golem:

This copper had started to go to gym and is completely buffed. This big boy can smash UpTo three iron golems.


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1.Added Copper golem Update.

2.Added video for more information.

3.Changed some features including some textures.


Turn on these experimental gameplay first, then turn on resource and behavior pack. Then create the world. I will suggest you to create a new world but you can also do it on a already existing world. Don't put any seed or name to your world or it might not work.


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The Copper Golem looks nothing like the Minecon Live version
"Smash up to three iron golems"