Published on December 03, 2021 (Updated on December 02, 2021)

Corrupted Nether

addon adds 2 new types of mobs in nether as well as a new sword. the addon does not change the gameplay much, but it will complicate the task of survival in nether... 

New types of mobs and their characteristics

 1. Corrupted Piglin, it posed no danger to you but could be a hassle by giving you a slowness effect

2. Corrupted Strider Peaceful mob at which you can not ride

3. Corrupted Piglin will be able to disguise itself among the trees with its disguise

4. Corrupted Sword Sword with pretty little durability but big damage

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Added new mod "Corrupted Strider"

Added More Description

Fixed Bugs


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I see a lot of potential in it, please keep updating it and good job!
what experiments do we need?