Published on April 12, 2021 (Updated on July 29, 2021)

Country Flags on Beds (Resource Pack)

Are you a Patriot? do you love your or others Country? would you like to sleep with a country flag on a bed? 

Well, this is the pack that is perfect for you! 

This pack has 16 different country flags on beds! The countries are: Brazil, India, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Philippines, Japan, Australia, United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Vietnam and France!. 

if you want to download it please follow the steps below! 

Here are the beds:

Light Gray Bed - Brazil Flag

Green Bed - India

Gray Bed - Turkey 

Black Bed - Germany

Brown Bed - Canada

Red Bed - Mexico

Orange Bed - Italy

Yellow Bed - Philippines

Lime Bed - Japan

Cyan Bed - Australia

White Bed - United Kingdom

Light Blue Bed - Russia

Blue Bed - United States

Purple Bed - Indonesia

Magenta Bed - Vietnam

Pink Bed - France


after you click the link below it will direct you to Linkvertise. 

Wait 5 seconds and click 'Free access with ads' 

after that, complete the step by viewing some articles

and then it will direct you to mediafire to download the pack after completing the steps. 

Select version for changelog:

  • Minor changes and fixed minor bugs.            


Follow the steps to download the pack! 

-How to import the pack? 

after downloading just click the file you downloaded and it will automatically opens minecraft and it will automatically import. Activate it to your Worlds and start having fun! 



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Farcry5AttackersGames August 27, 2021 at 3:38 pm
You should add these countries
South korea
Costa Rica
Papau new guinea
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Don’t forgot poland
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The Philippine Flag is the wrong way
The blue should on the left side ;)
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Breezy The Axolotl July 31, 2021 at 7:29 am
Add malaysia, it is a country in southeast asia
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bruh not only you stole someone else's idea
you used a linkvertize link
A) give credit next time
B) stop using monetized link for something not important, i can literally make an entire pack with all the country flags
it's not even hard
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Breezy The Axolotl July 31, 2021 at 7:30 am
Shut it, nerd
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Add Saudi arabia flag
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Hey brix, your apple addon have bug, we cant eat the apples when your hunger is full, and the effect need upgrade because enchanted golden effect has 30 seconds of regeneration, resistance 5minute, fire resistance 5 minute, and absorbtion 2 minute, its enchanted golden apple affect
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