Published on June 07, 2022

Craftable Chainmail Armor BP

Do you also keep asking yourself a question, why every single armor in Minecraft can be crafted, but Chainmail Armor just cannot? The only way to get Chain Armor is to kill monsters (zombies, skeletons, etc.) that wear this armor with a certain chance of dropping it. Or if you're lucky enough, you can also exchange this item with the blacksmith villagers or in the chests. But isn’t it too much hassle for such armor? That's why I've created this Behavior Pack (BP) that allows you to actually craft Chainmail Armor with Chains the way you'd expect it to work.Creator: Nogard (Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook)


Installation Guides

Hey im just wondering what you use to make your recipe images?I make addons and textures myself but cant seem to find a good easy way of making them?
maybe just make it nuggets instead of chains, as chains cost more, so you get a worse than iron, armor set, for more than iron