Published on December 20, 2020 (Updated on May 04, 2021)

Craftable Light Blocks

Tired of placing torches and other things that give light but make the way your creation looks like awful? This survival friendly addon will improove gameplay by adding recipes for light blocks.

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Changed some recipes, now it is cheaper to get some light blocks, removed linkvertise link, edited description


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Hey, so i was using this for a realm, and i came across a bug, the Light Block disappears as i get close to it.
i found the reason as to why it wasn't working, it was because i was using another behaviour pack that effected light levels and would delete the light block.
the craftable light blocks are great and is compatible with other resource/behaviour packs as long as the others do not effect light.
Love this!!! And thank you for making it hard to craft so that i can play in my survival and not feel like a cheater by making them :)
Works well. Can be useful, but the recipe is expensive. Glowstone would be much cheaper