LightKnight2311's KitPvP (WIP)

This KitPvP world has a ton for you to do. It has a wide variety of kits, arenas, and plenty of other features that will make your experience as amazing as possible. Not all features in it are ready, but more will be added along the way. Read the description to see what the features will be like. Feedback is always appreciated.

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KitPvP v1.8.2:

Here we go with another KitPvP update! This one is marginally bigger than the last one. Though a lot of the changes in here are small QOL changes, the Utilities NPC was finally able to get its functionality. This is going to be the last 1.8 patch. The reason for this being is that the next update will see a brand new Main Arena done from scratch, and the theme of it is going to be Mushrooms! This time around, the arena is going to be much more open and have more interesting mechanics to play around with, that way fights never get boring. I can't wait to show you guys what the arena has to offer! But for now, here are the changes for KitPvP v1.8.2...

New Features:

  • Added cosmetics (Arrows trails, join effects, transition sounds, and death sounds)
  • Added toggles (Messages, fall damage, and day-night cycle)
    NOTE: In order to use fall damage and day-night cycle toggles, you need to verify yourself as a host by going into creative mode.

Kit Changes:


  • Removed invisibility potions from the Assassin
  • Added the cloak ability to the Assassin


  • Added the Iceball to the Snowman


  • Decreased the blitz radius for the Barbarian's blitz from 5 blocks to 4
  • Improved the particle effect for the Barbarian's blitz


  • Slightly increased the recharge time for the Leaper's leap ability
  • Nerfed the Leaper's jump boost


  • Gave the Warper 1 pearl to start with, down from 4
  • The Warper now gains 1 pearl every 40 seconds


  • Gave the Glider's fishing rod Lure 3

Arena Changes:

Diamond Arena:

  • Bows are now enchanted with infinity and unbreaking 3
  • Swords are now enchanted with unbreaking 3
  • 8 snowballs are now given on spawn and 2 are given every 2 minutes

Iron Arena:

  • Swords and fishing rods are now enchanted with unbreaking 3

Combo Arena:

  • Removed armor, swords, and enchanted gapples
  • Speed I is now once again given
  • Resistance II is now given

Leather Arena:

  • Swords and crossbows are now enchanted with unbreaking 3

Sumo Arena:

  • The 4 modified ender pearls have been replaced with a single boost pearl that recharges every 5 seconds after use
  • The pearl boost now grants the user a little bit of slow falling on use
  • Players with spawn protection who fall into the void are now teleported to the starting point within the arena

QOL changes:

  • Improved transitions (Less blindness, and less intrusive text)
  • Removed arrow crit particles
  • Arrows now get removed once they hit the ground

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Leaper would not be affected by the levitation pads within the leap cooldown



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sry i test types of minecrafts to other mods,mcworlds those stuff and this is not capable of edu edition im just here 2 tell u that
can u make a edu edition?
Hey, I just have just tried your map with my friends and it's Amazing, It's everything, not too much and not less, just what I wanted, I have a lot to say about it(Good Stuff), but I have a question, or perhaps a personal request, I would would love to message you on Discord for details.
Hi! Sorry I'm over a month late for a reply. I'm glad you and your friends enjoyed the map! Its been a minute since I last updated the map. Heck! Its been a while since I've even played Minecraft. There is an update that I started working on a while ago, but I haven't been working on it for a while. But if there is anything you'd like to request, feel free to make your request!
Give me the cords to the command block that has the watermark so I can remove it >:)
I’m going too do another video on this btw
Inanimate Insanity Intro
Just you guys wait until 1.8 is ready to release... there will be a lot to see...
Time To Make A New Video On This 😊😊😊
Wow Good Map! I Wanna Play It With All My Friends!
THIS! THIS IS THE BEST AND MOST HIGH QUALITY KITPVP EVER! Thank you so much to LightKnight and his building team unless he built all this by himself!? I definitely recommend this to everyone who loves PVP and fun. There’s so much unique kits and maps you can pick from. Hands down the best kit PVP ever. Huge respect to LightKnight.
1: Discord link is invalid again.
2: When searching through the command blocks, I found something called the "wizard" searching through the command blocks. What is this?
So I’ve been gone light knight my bad bro you won’t uploading the map for a long time tbh but I mean ima record the map today and upload it later on if you wanna update your video link later but yea thanks for the help aswell leaving my link up credits me aswell and I credit you with videos on YouTube but aye have a nice day bro ❄️I wish you could add something to this map of me not big but just something small 🤷🏼‍♂️
It’s fine. I have plenty of stuff in the works for this map as far as updates go. While it may not seem like it, lots of progress has been taking place. KitPvP v 1.7.5 alone has made LOTS of changes behind the scenes that will benefit the development of KitPvP in the long run. The upcoming 1.8 betas will have even more as well. Lot’s of things are making their way into KitPvP
I uploaded the new video by the way if you wanna update the link
Okay cool I got a kit pvp I’m working on tbh if you wanna help or w/e
I just released the 1.8.0 update. It includes A LOT of new content, so it'd be really nice for players who are using older versions to be more aware of the updated version.
Ok that's good.
i really like the map and i want to somehow try and support your work.
just please, make the discord invite never expire.
you click "edit invite link" and change expiry date from 1 day to never