LightKnight2311's KitPvP (WIP)

This KitPvP world has a ton for you to do. It has a wide variety of kits, arenas, and plenty of other features that will make your experience as amazing as possible. Not all features in it are ready, but more will be added along the way. Read the description to see what the features will be like. Feedback is always appreciated.

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NOTE: There was an issue where the Barbarian's blitz ability would not work on other Barbarians, so I included quick patch that fixes that. Hope you all enjoy!


KitPvP v1.8.0:

This is perhaps the biggest update KitPvP has ever seen! Including 2 new kits, 2 new arenas, a brand new lobby, along with plenty more, this will without a doubt be an update to remember! Don't worry though, it won't stop here. In an upcoming 1.8.1 patch, a brand new UI alongside new NPC models will be added. In 1.9.0, the Utilities NPC will get its desired features (Spectator mode, cosmetics, and toggleable options), the Main Arena & UHC Arena will get a huge design overhaul, and Duels will finally make their way into KitPvP. Nonetheless, here are the changes that KitPvP v1.8.0 brings...

Kit Changes:

  • Added the Barbarian Kit
  • Added the Shifter Kit
  • Buffed the Leaper's Armor
  • Removed Speed from the Leaper
  • Granted the Leaper a leap feather
  • Removed strength from the Knight & Assassin Kits
  • Granted the Knight a sharpness 2 Iron Sword
  • Removed Weakness Potions from the Knight
  • Granted the Assassin a Sharpness 2 Diamond Sword
  • Nerfed the Assassin's armor
  • Granted the Assassin an invisibility splash potion that restocks overtime
  • Granted the Healer an Iron Sword instead of a Stone Sword
  • Nerfed the Healer's armor
  • Removed Health Boost from the Poseidon Kit
  • Added Speed to the Poseidon Kit
  • Slightly nerfed the Poseidon's armor
  • Slightly buffed the Mage's armor
  • Granted the Mage an Iron Sword instead of an Iron Axe
  • Removed the Strength Potion from the Mage
  • Granted the Mage a slowness potion & a healing potion
  • Nerfed the Mage's fire resistance potion
  • Expanded the pool of random potions the Mage can gain overtime
  • Nerfed the Snowman's armor
  • Granted the Snowman 4 snowballs, down from 16
  • Granted the Snowman a Diamond Sword instead of a Diamond Axe
  • Removed Slowness from the Snowman
  • Nerfed the Warper's Armor
  • Granted the Warper an Iron Sword instead of an Iron Axe
  • Slightly buffed the Archer's Armor
  • Granted the Archer an Iron Sword instead of a Stone Sword
  • Slightly reduced the arrow stack size for the Archer & Rouge
  • Slightly buffed the Rouge's Armor
  • Granted the Rouge an Iron Sword instead of an Iron Axe
  • Removed Health Boost from the Tank Kit
  • Nerfed the Tank's Jump Boost


  • Added the Sumo Arena
  • Added the Ladder Arena
  • Changed the appearance of the Main Arena
  • Removed the majority of the jutting poles from the obsidian arenas (Diamond, Iron, Combo, & Leather Arenas)
  • Added a ceiling to the Leather Arena
  • Changed the Power Obsidian to grant effects for 20 seconds, rather than granting infinite effects
  • Added loot to the maze in the Main Arena
  • Added fog to some arenas (Main Arena, Sumo Arena, & Ladder Arena)

Spawn Update:

  • Added a bigger, more expansive underground spawn
  • Added the teleport station which houses teleporters for the parkour, fist pit, arenas, prison, and Duels (The Duels teleporter doesn't work yet)
  • Added two new NPCs (Update log & Utilities)
  • Added particles to some NPCs
  • Added popup sounds to NPCs
  • Moved Kit tips to the dialogue box
  • Removed the Event NPC

Resource Pack Changes:

  • Changed various particles
  • Made slight changes to attack animations & projectile animations
  • Changed the particle effect for joining an arena
  • Added spawn protection particles

Projectile Changes:

  • Changed the physics of various projectiles to make them less floaty and have their range better match Java Edition
  • Tweaked the angle at which projectiles are fired
  • Changed the Ender Pearls to work more like vanilla (The way they worked before resulted in some bugs)

Misc Changes:

  • Added a KitPvP Behavior Pack (Changes projectile physics & smooths out entity movement)
  • Made some improvements to the Prison
  • Changed the way several messages are displayed
  • Changed the way actionbar text is displayed
  • Changed various sounds & transitions
  • Added tips for kits with drop-to-use abilities (Leaper, Barbarian, & Shifter)
  • Improved the smoothness of kit/arena selection
  • Made various changes to the way commands in the world are handled (Won't be noticeable while playing)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the hotbar would spaz out when near the spawn point in the hub
  • Fixed an exploit where players could use throw an ender pearl shortly before pressing the back to lobby button in order to teleport back to the arena they were last in without any items that are given upon selecting that arena
  • Fixed a bunch of teleportation issues

This update took a very long time to be complete, so I hope you all enjoy the new content that it offers, and thanks to everyone on Discord who helped test the update out to make sure everything is stable and ready to go! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon...



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I’m going too do another video on this btw
Inanimate Insanity Intro
Just you guys wait until 1.8 is ready to release... there will be a lot to see...
Time To Make A New Video On This 😊😊😊
Wow Good Map! I Wanna Play It With All My Friends!
THIS! THIS IS THE BEST AND MOST HIGH QUALITY KITPVP EVER! Thank you so much to LightKnight and his building team unless he built all this by himself!? I definitely recommend this to everyone who loves PVP and fun. There’s so much unique kits and maps you can pick from. Hands down the best kit PVP ever. Huge respect to LightKnight.
1: Discord link is invalid again.
2: When searching through the command blocks, I found something called the "wizard" searching through the command blocks. What is this?
So I’ve been gone light knight my bad bro you won’t uploading the map for a long time tbh but I mean ima record the map today and upload it later on if you wanna update your video link later but yea thanks for the help aswell leaving my link up credits me aswell and I credit you with videos on YouTube but aye have a nice day bro ❄️I wish you could add something to this map of me not big but just something small 🤷🏼‍♂️
It’s fine. I have plenty of stuff in the works for this map as far as updates go. While it may not seem like it, lots of progress has been taking place. KitPvP v 1.7.5 alone has made LOTS of changes behind the scenes that will benefit the development of KitPvP in the long run. The upcoming 1.8 betas will have even more as well. Lot’s of things are making their way into KitPvP
I uploaded the new video by the way if you wanna update the link
Okay cool I got a kit pvp I’m working on tbh if you wanna help or w/e
I just released the 1.8.0 update. It includes A LOT of new content, so it'd be really nice for players who are using older versions to be more aware of the updated version.
Ok that's good.
i really like the map and i want to somehow try and support your work.
just please, make the discord invite never expire.
you click "edit invite link" and change expiry date from 1 day to never
Discord link is invalid
I'll find a way to keep the links up-to-date. Discord's invite links become invalid after a certain period of time.
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Try joining via this link
Hi Can I Ask U a Question? Question:How Do U make Enchanted items Give To A Player By using. A Command Block
hi i know you lol but from the pictures the maps look quite fun :D i think im gonna try it out with a few of my friends
This is the best PVP world ever! In the next update can you add a kill counter, death counter, and a kill streak counter?
You can't track that stuff in Bedrock. You can only do it in Java
Er,Not trying to correct you Mr.LightKnight sir but there is a way to do a kill counter,at least..but not a kill streak counter.. ^ ^;

Also I really do enjoy your maps and would love to see you improve in the future !
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