Creeperzilla Addon

Hi Everyone, Long time no submits🤗 Today i updated this Creeperzilla The Mother Of Creepers Addon to give you very hard or just hard defeating her, Have some tips to not sacrifice your life from Creeperzilla.

Creator : Me, @CoolMarvinGamer and @xDeckades

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This addon only works with Minecraft version 1.14 or later


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Fire addon🔥🔥plz make other mutant mobs
Nice add-on bro.its soo hard too fight on survival mode.

but something is not good: just creeperzilla animation. can you add it?
MrAgentBlaze's Second Account September 28, 2020 at 9:45 pm
I have one question, can i contain this monster into a glass box?
How do I install it takes me to my files
Awesome bro
Creeper : aw men

Creeperzilla : aw shit
You should make villager news characters
Because I want to make a war lol
aw man
Really cool addon, keep going!
This kid has gotta give some respect to the creator
Do you have discord?

Maybe I can help you bro
Can I use this for a mod showcase?
Mine said not a valid zip. And I put mcaddon and it didn’t work
Cool addon, good job!