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Creeperzilla Addon

Hi Everyone, Long time no submits🤗 Today i updated this Creeperzilla The Mother Of Creepers Addon to give you very hard or just hard defeating her, Have some tips to not sacrifice your life from Creeperzilla.

Creator : Me, @CoolMarvinGamer and @xDeckades

#Creeperzilla | Hard Mode😈

•Creeperzilla Model by CoolMarvinGamer (@CoolMarvinGamer)

•Health : 2460

•Attack : 100

•Ranged Attack : 200

•Can break any blocks

•When she is charged, it means she is Ranged and Summoning

•Summons Charged Creeper

•She was a Spawn Egg | Added Creeperzilla Star

•When you spawn her, She spawns lightning bolt on every mob when you detect on grass

#Charged Creeper | No Updated

•No spawn egg

•Has no summonable

•No boss tag

•Has always Charged

•Health : 40

•Attack : 5

•Ranged Attack : 10

•Cannot break any blocks

#Creeperzilla Star | Crafting Recipes

• Look at this image that you will see the recipes

•How to do with this item :v | Well, It is the item that you can spawn creeperzilla again using click

• Thx for Dewdimpple (@Dewdimpple) for the player codes that using click

#Creeperzilla Death | When you hit -2460 damage

•That's the Creeperzilla's Sacrifice that you cannot hit -1 damage that will be selfdestruct in 30 seconds | Duration Codes

• Her Explosion that made by RafatAr32 (@Ar32Rafat) the original Godzilla Atomic Explosion, He agree to use his Atomic Explosion, Thx a lot :)

• Creperzilla Death Model is Creeperzilla Model too

•This is a testing, Cute right😊

Special Thx for all of my credits and creator like CoolMarvinGamer, xDeckades, RafatAr32 and Dewdimpple

Creators : Me, CoolMarvinGamer and xDeckades

Credits : RafatAr32 and Dewdimpple

Thumbnail by xDeckades (@xDeckades)

Follow us on twitter for more addons😉😊

I'm a Pilipino Gamer😉😊

Enjoy the addon and God bless😉🙏🙏🙏

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This addon only works with Minecraft version 1.14 or later


•Download the mcaddon

•Activate both behavior and resource in your world settings

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4.92 / 5 (12 votes)
Fire addon🔥🔥plz make other mutant mobs
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Nice add-on bro.its soo hard too fight on survival mode.

but something is not good: just creeperzilla animation. can you add it?
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MrAgentBlaze's Second Account September 28, 2020 at 9:45 pm
I have one question, can i contain this monster into a glass box?
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How do I install it takes me to my files
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Awesome bro
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Creeper : aw men

Creeperzilla : aw shit
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You should make villager news characters
Because I want to make a war lol
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Really cool addon, keep going!
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This kid has gotta give some respect to the creator
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Can I use this for a mod showcase?
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Mine said not a valid zip. And I put mcaddon and it didn’t work
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Cool addon, good job!
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