Published on April 18, 2020 (Updated on April 18, 2020)

Enchanted Biomes Addon

This biome is full of diamonds in the trees and the ground based on the Enchanted Biomes.

This is the adventure add-on that gives the Diamond Ores to the Minecraft world.

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This add-on only works with Minecraft version 1.14 or later

To use this add-on please enable "Use Experimental Gameplay" in world settings.



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I would like this addon if there was a biome for me. There was not a biome. T-T and evetime I found coal or gravel I had to re-type the command, and sometimes that did not work, so when it did not work I had to place a gravel then re-type the command then it worked. I feel like its is way to much work. unless I am doing something wrong then plz help me
Can you update block format to 1.16? Plz. and make the biome spawn somewhere in the world instead of everywhere ? anyways good Add_On ?
This is very nice!!! But no mob spawn: chicken pig and etc.
Guest-5925439127 May 29, 2020 at 2:06 pm
It is good i love it pls make more wood avalible! > ▪︎ <
Guest-1274623082 May 15, 2020 at 8:59 am
Um so after i got the diamonds some skeletons with enchanted armor started attacking me, is that supposed to happen?
This is so cool. It shouldnt randomly enchant ur biomes tho like there should be just an enchanted biome somewhere u can find cos like i had a garden n it killed all me flowers cos it randomly enchanted the biome i was in lol. Other then that it saved me loads of time cos I wanted diamonds. U should add orbs to make it look prettier n more magical!
I love this but it makes me loose the animals I tamed :(
Now this is what I like to see in minecraft. I love the add-on plus one enchanted tree plank builds a craft table
This is very nice!!! Try your best to encoding more awesome functions />_ (command) texts!!! ^ω^