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Crew games, it is a world that consists of 4 games and more, and these games are enjoyed by other than the worlds as the most exciting and different games and you can play with your friends. Words are not enough to explain these games. Download the world now and for free.

Created by : Berserk studios

Block Party

Block Party, this game is different and wonderful and enjoys being the most exciting game. You and your friends start in a land changing colors and the player must stand on the desired color.

Spleef - TNT Run



Spleef is a well-known game and the most exciting game. It is distinguished by its features that you can play with your friends and challenge together. It is a snowy land and you have shovel and from here the enthusiasm begins.



TNT Run is a well-known game in most servers, but we do not see it in the worlds, and this is what we did for you. The spleen is sand and TNT material below, and here is the interesting one. You can challenge your friend and play together and have fun, and the special thing is that you can or choose the number of layers only according to your choice.



Parkour, and perhaps everyone knows it, but we made it something special and wonderful. We have put more than 4 biomes and more for those who like to play single player and multi player, and there are different and interesting stages in it.

Arena - FFa

The arena is an empty arena in which you can play with your friends and there is more than 7 Kits that you can challenge your friends with.


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Created By : © Berserk studios

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  1. Click on the file
  2. Then it will take you to the mediafire file
  3. Click on green button
  4. Then have fun


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