CRTB Texture Pack (Still in Development) | Nether and Bees Update

This is an introduction to a new texture pack containing cartoonish realistic pack that can change the world.

Althought this texture pack is still in development so it is not originaly finshed yet.

Select version for changelog:


New features:

Pvp version has new short swords and some Ores have animated texture

Any version, some items like apples and more are retextured

Pvp version all swords and some items like ender pearl or golden apple has been categorised by a symbol in the top right corner

New items and blocks have been textured, Crossbow, some flowers, mushroom blocks and more

Diamond block has been retextured

New enchantment glint

---More updates coming soon!---



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Nice texture and all but you gonna update?
Está textura e bom di mais vou colocar no meu Minecraft cê diver espaço
The textures are nicely made and very well done!
I really like it but I'll suggest a change in the dirt block you know the clasic top green and brown bottom, also I'll a change in the creatures in the mobs that would be so great!!!
I am having issues with the manifest.json file, so it will not be updated for a while
I've been working on a huge update for pvp players and a bit of normal players, the update will be released maybe 1-2 weeks after so stay tuned.
Another reminder is I will be discontinuing my glazed terracotta texture pack cuz I ran out of ideas but the CRTB will be updated continuously.
One quick note is the 2nd download file is the updated one just below the the first one, YOU MUST CLICK THE 2ND ONE
Join my discord for the latest updates of this texture pack 😁
Nice start! Really like your textures, nice details... Ahem ahem! Sorry I coughed. Is that my netherite block pattern on black wool?
Yes and sorry but I didnt copy it Directly, I just made it
very nice indeed!
I like the concept, I will wait for future updates