Published on November 08, 2021 (Updated on November 13, 2021)

Crypt Crawler

A tall, stone doorway stands in front of you. Behind you is a chest of usable materials.Craft tools, armour, weapons and items to progress through the crypt and get to the exit in record time. Learn tricks, shortcuts and timesavers, as each life lost is knowledge gained.

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Extended effect time and fixed bug where timer would stop halfway through the map


  • crypt_crawler.mcworld (211.32 KB)

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This map was simply AMAZING
Me and my friends played this for a few hours, did kinda get stuck on the elder gaurdian part but other than that this was a great map!
Keep up the great work!
What an amazing map!
The buildings,ambient and commands of the map are pretty well made
It can get tricky and confusing sometimes but overall it's an amazing map
I would recommend to not spam spawn the strays since it can get a lil bit annoying when there are hundred of them in one area
Looking forward to a 2nd episode :)
Nice map and gamee
@ularia ok bot /j
Yo, just pointing this out - I am not a bot. I did this as a joke.
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