Published on October 13, 2022 (Updated on February 26, 2024)

Mission to Lunotopis - Chapter one

The fate of the world is in your hands. The future of the human race, all dependent on your mission. And yet, your Mission To Lunotopis will be longer than expected. Explore a monster-infested tomb filled with riches, treasures and artifacts. Traverse a desert full of old bones, ancient mysteries and masses of lava, in this sci-fi adventure map.

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changed gamerules to better suit the experience

added a ticking area to update the cutscene command blocks

blocked off unintentional escape routes from the designated map area

changed the cutscene execute commands to support the new syntax

added new trailer for chapter one

added a backstory for clarity

Changed the download back to a direct file upload to MCPEDL



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It's a really cool map but the pests made it really complicated. Unfortunately I had to give myself a diamond sword because without it I couldn't finish the map. It's a very well done first chapter though. Nothing to say more
This was a fun map I like how you tortured me by throwing 20 revengers at me :) great map tho
Amazing :)
Thank you for fix this sorry I am little bit angry
Map is not starting. Try to fix it. :)
Your map is very broken please fix this 😡😡😡
I will try my best to fix whatever is wrong, it would help if you told me where the bug(s) were, so I can change the map as fast as possible.
The command block to start the map doesn't work because the command central isn't loaded. I recommend going to the middle of the command blocks and typing "/tickingarea circle ~~~ 4" in the