Published on February 27, 2024

Mission to Lunotopis - Chapter Three

As you reach the end of your mission, As directed by the Mayor, you set off to a nearby planet, 'Vanea'. When you land, you find your pod ruined, and nobody around to help you. Can you uncover the jungle's mysteries, get enough repair kits to fix your ship, and make your way to Lunotopis? Find out in the final chapter of Mission to Lunotopis.

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Uploaded the map 'Mission To Lunotopis - Chapter 3' to the website MCPEDL.


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Because no one updates to this version, this version is very good and 1.20.72,please
This last chapter was perfect. A bit of challenge without it being impossible. this is a really great series of maps. I think it's the best series of maps I've played. I find that there is a lack of adventure/story maps like yours on Minecraft even though I think that the time and work behid is big
I played your other maps and I loved them. They were very well made. It's just I don't think I will be able to finish this one. I'm just to retarded to figure out these puzzles.
even I get stuck on the puzzles, and I made half of them! If you want, I can try explain any puzzle, or go into creative and just solve what you need. whatever means you can enjoy the map!
Those maps were all well made, props to the team on the work, everything was perfect including the few puzzles and enormous mobs fights, hope to see more from y'all 👍
Church working this 1.20.62 here, it's very good on 1.20.62.