Published on January 26, 2023 (Updated on February 26, 2024)

Mission to Lunotopis - Chapter Two

After surviving the events of the first chapter, you find yourself in a snow-coated valley with a welcoming community. But things can never be perfect, as deadly neighbours are right next door. Traverse a blanketed valley and attempt to stop the evil mastermind, Yanix, who lives far away from your ship, in an ominous tower, with unimaginable magical power.

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Changed the download back to a direct file upload to MCPEDL



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I have a few small comments about chapter 2. Already, in terms of the villagers' quests, it took me a long time to find the solutions for 3 of them. they. Also, the PvE part was long and trying. In my opinion there is a little too much skeleton. On chap 3 I will make a global review of the map.
Amazing :)
Where's the download link?
the map is really cool, I played part 1 and part 2, can't wait for part 3.
Do you have a discord or any place we can give suggestions for the addon?