Published on April 04, 2019 (Updated on March 14, 2021)

cs_italy (Team Deathmatch) - Outdated

cs_italy is a map from Counter-Strike that is based on Hostage Rescue. I took it and made it into a TDM Mode so you can enjoy it with your friends using Actual Guns Add-on!

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Mojang killed their own game. I can no longer update this Map until Mojang fixes their items being too big and fix their recoil camerashake issue.

Bye for now.

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Because of you I and my friends finally found a perfect map to play gun battles on. Thank you so much
Is good.
ez update xD
Wtf the download link is cursed
cant download cause u used adfly, nice
Download in safari
Download in safari ghfgg
carrot on stick will crash ur game
Permission Denied.

This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire.
This maps is so coool
Can I use the behavior pack in my factions world? Only a few people play on it.
Nope, sorry. Map has been copy-righted.
Is this like CAC from hypixel
Hypixel has rip-off Counter-Strike, while this is Original.
This map looks familiar, almost like I seen it in a totally different game ?
Its a game related to CS:GO or is it CS:GO, Idk.
The game is related to CS:GO, in fact this is the grandpa of CS:GO. But you shall never call this map a CS:GO version since this is Counter-Strike 1.6 which is miles different than CS:GO