Curse of Eternity Enchantment

Are you tired of loose your essential items when you die?

maybe you have lost a lot of armors or weapons in lava or have despawned in your world.

This addon is for you ;)

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·Netherite armor

·Gold, iron, diamond, netherite pickaxe

·Turtle helmet


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Sangat keren
Excellent Addon
- Works on 1.19 (June 2022)
- Works on Realms
- Works with other addons
- I've translated all items into German (if you want the translation, write me on Discord)
- Changed so that only armor/tools/weapons from diamond+ can be enchanted and added custom weapons and armor (you have to use nbt studio (find it on github) and create a new structure with the corresponding name - for example instead of minecraft:netherite_hoe you can use modpackxy:enderite_hoe). If you need help write me ;)

Addon only used for private Realm! Keep up the good work!
Discord: shice#7151
i cant use it evokers only drop totems of undying
Please include Netherite armor :)
plz add neatherite
Aaron the hedgehog April 25, 2021 at 2:52 pm
Curse or blessing
The addon is good by the way although you take away the grace to the netherite armor but the addon is good
I want to know how this is a curse. It seems more like a blessing