Curse of Eternity Enchantment

Are you tired of loose your essential items when you die?

maybe you have lost a lot of armors or weapons in lava or have despawned in your world.

This addon is for you ;)

Hi, i'm AegisTheAeon and this is my first addon :b

and i suffered a lot of times when i have lost a valuable piece of armor in survival ;w;

So, i made this addon with commands and structure blocks to save the entities.

And works like this:

·The new enchantment "Curse of the eternity" only can be obtained by killing "Evokers".

·Once you obtained the book, put your item on the 2 x 2 grid with your item:

·Take that book, and you will need 15 Xp lvl. to obtain your item enchanted

 With the book on your hand hold right click or your screen if you are playing on mobile.

WARNING: if you have an item that is already enchanted, this will be loose all the enchantments, i suggest you to use "Curse of eternity I" before other enchantments

·By now, Curse of eternity I is compatible with the following items:

Maybe on future updates i will add new items, i'm open to suggestions =)

And that's all ^.^

Select version for changelog:



·Netherite armor

·Gold, iron, diamond, netherite pickaxe

·Turtle helmet


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5 / 5 (2 votes)
i cant use it evokers only drop totems of undying
Please include Netherite armor :)
plz add neatherite
Aaron the hedgehog April 25, 2021 at 2:52 pm
Curse or blessing
The addon is good by the way although you take away the grace to the netherite armor but the addon is good
I want to know how this is a curse. It seems more like a blessing