Published on August 21, 2020 (Updated on August 21, 2020)

Custom Damage Colors

If you're bored of seeing the same old red damage overlay whenever you lose health, then this is the resource pack for you. Applying this pack will give you the ability to change the damage overlay overlay color of all entities*, with the option to choose from a wide array of different colors.

You can choose between either default (red), orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, rainbow, or none (no damage color).

This resource pack works as a global resource, both in your own world and others, including realms and servers.

an example with the pink overlay

an example with the yellow overlay on a mob. 

an example with the rainbow overlay applied.

Other notes:
-You likely will have to reload your game each time you change subpacks if you apply this as a global resource! Please do not message me saying the pack doesn't work if you have not tried this already!
-the render controllers for the ender dragon, squids, and horses are hardcoded, for some strange reason*. This means that addon creators do not have the ability to edit how they render in game on the client. The damage overlays will always be the default red color for these entities- it's out of my control.
-Only works on bedrock edition 1.16.0+

My contacts:

xbox: ambiennt

discord: ambient#2309


  • custom_damage_colors_1597989232.mcpack

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could you make it so that it doesn't flash at all?
Does it work with custom mobs?
i dont think it will, since he had to code everysingle mob in the game for each to have the rainbow effect. since he hasnt updated the pack, the new mobs wont have custom colors too, try with the goats and axolotl
Se puede hacer para la 1.17.10 lo necesito amo el mod
Old Minecraft o-o
Great! But Why The Horse Is Still Have The Damage Color (Im Using "None" Damage Color)
Because the horse, the ender dragon and squids are hardcoded, so its pretty dificult tu change
why would you damage a horse? ._.
yeah hes right
You clearly did not read the post. Lmao.
Update: I have found a pack on youtube that does what I desire. Thanks for making this wonderful pack!
Love it! Keep up the great work! Btw, could you make a Pc lookalike pack for mcpe folks? I tried turning on classic UI but it makes opening chests very hard for me, and I need a pack that does the following things: First, even though i don't have spilt controls on and it doesn't do anything, I need to have a crosshair in the middle of my screen. Second, I need the hearts and hunger and armor to be in the classic UI style, orthe pc style. And lastly, I need the chat to look like the Classic UI. Basically I need a tweaked version of the classic UI, but in a resource pack instead. It basically being identical to the classic UI, but chests are the same as they used to be with pocket UI on, a crosshair in my screen even without split controls on (mostly for looks), and I need the chat to be set up like a pc chat would be. I would seriously appreciate it if you made something like this. If you do take the time to make it, I am willing to activate notifications on linkvertise or whatever other sketchy thing you want to use to make some money, I am willing to go through the trouble. Thanks in advance!
Looks amazing! Don't recommend the RGB for people with sensitive eyes though. But overall it's an amazing pack and everything works perfectly fine and smooth.
Eyyyy my boy Afloat in the pictures
Sorry I forgot to give credits I used rainbow overlay for my pack and I promise to give credits in the V3 update of my pack
but good pack btw :)
looookin goooood