Published on December 09, 2020 (Updated on May 09, 2022)

Java 1.7 Animations V2

Do you hate the vanilla Bedrock Edition player animations and general feel of the new Bedrock, ever since 1.13.0? Or maybe you want yet another way to make Bedrock look and feel closer to Java Edition, especially for PVP. Look no further, because this pack makes many improvements and tweaks to player animations to more closely resemble Java edition 1.7 (and even bedrock 1.12.1!). This pack has been completely rewritten/revamped for 1.16, 1.17, and 1.18!

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- add 2 subpacks with no red armor overlay
- remove some dead code

- tweak redder armor overlay values
- more minor tweaks to cape animations

- fix capes not being attached to the player when emoting
- add back fire visibility for flame arrows and fireballs
- show all 32 frames of fire texture instead of the first 16

- fix local player head rotation when sleeping
- redo cape animations to look more like java edition

- remove MCPE glint shaders due to invisibility glitches on some devices

- fix hat layer of helmets missing (for custom textures that had it)

- fix arms rotating strangely in 1st person when riding horses

- update glint shaders to 1.18 (backwards compatible)

- fix entities being invisible on some mobile devices
- tweak cape animation slightly

- fix food eating particles being too obtrusive in 1st person
- fix projectile break particles having no velocity and looking too big

Completely rewrote the pack from scratch

- fixed/remade all attachable animations in 1st in 3rd person
- fixed the sprint jump animation bug
- made the player head rotation look more like java
- show armor enchantment glint again
- semi-fix leather armor showing white (now shows brown except for in vanilla 1.16.0-40 worlds, I can't improve this)
- made smoother player attack rotations
- better swimming animations
- revamp damage particles, make them look more like Java
- fix slight delay when damage particles emit
- tweak eating particles
- fixed java fire model showing when player died
- add less pixelated enchantment glint for non-render dragon devices
- punch-eating animation has been removed due to inconsistencies on servers, and I also didn't like it
- increased food eating particles, improved their appearance
- many more small QOL fixes
- reduce pack size
- add new subpack configurations
- support version 1.16.0-1.18.x (in the form of 3 different packs for specific versions)
- removed Herobrine



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IMPORTANT: If you are a mobile player and you experienced a bug where all entities, including players, were invisible when using the Java 1.7 Animations V2 pack, please redownload! I have identified the issue with the help of some testers and it is now fixed as of 12/26/21.
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Can you please tell me how to disable the Steve skins? I know you personally don't like the 3d bedrock skins but now I cant differentiate my friends cuz they all become Steve
I tried to delete it myself but the Steve skin just wont go away >:(

Can you just tell me where the code is so I can delete it? I'm begging you.
This resource pack uses player.entity.json that's why, you can edit the file but I don't think it will work
whats the keystroke download
the snowballs are great :)
There's a glitch where the shield is not going out of the way when interacting with items or hitting mobs
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
third person view swimming while mining or punching isn't match to Java ED could you fix this?
Ruby Likes Sonic 2 May 27, 2022 at 10:17 am
Great pack
(edited cuz I just noticed the cape fix sry)
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When you ise the pack your characters turn into steves pls fix.
I am not responsible for any incompatibilities between this pack and others
great pack although i would really appreciate it if you would add a subpack where the armor wouldnt turn red when damaged. I much prefer it better without it. There is also a bug where when mob is on fire, they only appear to be taking damaged instead of showing fire around them
redownload, there is now a subpack for armor hurt color. as for mob fire disappearing, i decided that the java fire on players was worth it since this pack is geared towards pvpers, and ofc mobs (particularly ones being on fire) dont have much of a place in pvp
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when the player uses shield in off-hand, and the player blocks an attack from another player, or a mob the shield has no blocking animation. its been fixed in the latest ver but when you activate this pack, the bug is still exist. could you fix this?
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The pack is amazing. Very well made. But I have a request, can you pls add lunar cape to the cape overlay?