Published on January 13, 2021 (Updated on January 27, 2021)

Custom Potion Particles

With this pack, you can customize the little potion particles to be more original: halved, filled, square, very small, with the face of a creeper or even invisible!

If the particles bother your vision a lot, you would like them to be simpler, or you want other players not to know the effects you have, this is your pack.

You can switch between the different options: Creeper Face, Square, Filled circle, Half particle, Only a spot or No particles

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  • Creeper Face: The most iconic minecraft mob face it's now in the particles of the potions!
  • Square: This option makes particles look like squares, perfect for a retro look!
  • Filled circle: Now they are litle circles! A good choose if you prefer them more dense.
  • Half particles: Why not?
  • Only a spot: If you can´t see with the minecraft particles but you wan't to still seeing them, this is your solution!
  • No particles: You can have effects without your friends noticing, use lingering potions to create harmful zones that no one sees or be truly invisible.

I hope you like this! I'm working in other particle textures, so if you wan't someone in special put me on comments.

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Added the creeper face texture and images of the particles.


  • Custom-potion-particles_1611683062.mcaddon

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Am I allowed to customise it for personal use? I want to make the square particles bigger so that I can see invisible players on my server.
Of course! As long as you don't post it as your own, you can customize for your personal use.
can you please put some pictures to see how it looks like?
I appreciated your hard work
please make nether particles invisible
(sorry for bad English)