Published on April 05, 2019 (Updated on April 05, 2019)

Custom Walking Buddle Add-ons

This add-on adds a trail of real fire blocks or snow for your everysingle moves! works for all devices with Minecraft version 1.10> & experience mode. Discover more infomations below!


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Instead of a fire block walk could you make it so that when your walking lava particles appear. The fire does damage, but the snowball does not.. Both walking buddles shouldn't do damage to the world. They should be used to make the player look cool. I think lava particles or even fire particles sprouting from the feet would be less harmless, more desirable, and cooler I guess
Is it possible to make it so the fire doesn't urn anythhing.
Yes, go to settings> world then turn off fire spreading. That should stop fire burning away blocks.
Good Addons Bro... :D
Very interesting!
Who would want fire to walk?
Thank for uploading! comment your ideas & i will try to reply every single comments!
thanks for uploading! btw comment below what you want for next update! i will try to reply all!