Published on June 09, 2020 (Updated on June 13, 2020)

Customizable Armor Stands v.1.2

Have you ever wanted to make an armor stand scene that matches a little bit like java edition's customized armor stands? Well here's an addon for you that might fit to your likings.

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Some Bug Fixes

Monetized the link (Sorry 😔)

Changes to some features.

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This mod still is comparable with the newest version of Minecraft (as of writing this post) I recently had added it to a server that I'm a part of and it has made the server look 10x better! Awesome mod!
Link doesn't work, keeps bringing me to some sketchy job search website
Looks good, seems legit, can't wait until I can get an actual computer to download minecraft, due to not being able to play on chromebook! 4 star review!
Heyo i just wanna say monitizing your download link is fine because of your hard work on this pack :) so no need to worried about it its fine
thediamondhoundoom July 28, 2020 at 12:26 pm
cant you already chang the way the stand in standing in bedrock
The new poses just replace old poses for it to be able to work My first idea went in to this is to add more poses but it didnt work. The first idea is actually working but you have to nbt edit the armorstand for it to have the proper pose index to show.
Great addon!! Works perfectly on my server. Is sand supposed to make them float cos for me it just makes them fall slowly. Not even sure if this is a bug. Apart from that love the addon!
this addon is really cute omg now i can make my a mannequin to watering flower in my garden thank you sm its work perfectly in 1.16 mcpe updates !
Can you please add unbreakable armor stand?
Benefits for Construction Players
Please update vanilla tweaks
I will update vanilla tweaks once 1.16 fully releases just for final bug fixing.
the equipping of different items to change the appearance of the stand does not work fo me at the moment ( i’m mcpe btw ), although posing the armor stand works. i’m wondering if it’s just because of the 1.16 update or something else ? if it was possible, would you look into it ? i really, really like the concept. keep up the good work !!
I made a review of the Addon.Credits to you.Just search MCLEGEND14 at YouTube.You can put this as a tutorial video for this Addon.
Cool no adfly that is very big money of you
The ones that remove the base and arms (and both) and make the armour stand invisible does not work for me, can i check does this work with other addons?
it also seems like everytime u log out and back in the no gravity one will drop down a bit, im the same person as the previous comment
Did you activate the resource pack?
Yes i did, not sure why the base sometimes glitches out
It is a very good addon but I found a problem with The Dracula Vampire Boss, corresponding to the coffin that appears above the mansion, that can not be destroyed with anything, please fix that or if there is any way you could let me know?
* Could you also tell me what the blood stone is for?
I'm sorry I got the wrong place