Vanilla Tweaks PE (v3.0)

This Addon allows you to modify or enhance your vanilla minecraft survival experience without changing too much. Such as two shulker shells for every shulker, multiplayer sleep, and more.


Most of the features is not ported from the original Vanilla Tweaks by Xisumavoid

so sorry if I could not Implement the same exact features. If you want more features feel free to comment down below what you want to see in the next update.

Select version for changelog:


Added New Features

-Translucent Potion Particles

-Random Ore Rotations

Removed Features

-Smaller Potion Particles

-Smaller Tools

‐Smaller Food

-Peace and Quiet

-Black Wither Hearts


-Better Rain

-Multiplayer Sleep

Various Bug fixes

Removed individual links for every individual pack.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

i can use somethings from this pack to my private server pack?
Could you update for version 1.17.10? I need it. But overall it's a vanilla fix and a greater add-on. 5 stars
RaynierRub1234557828282 August 30, 2021 at 3:14 am
you a motherfucker
i lost my adchivement because of this fucker
Maybe it's because your Microsoft account was disconnected. Sign back in to the main menu and restart your achievement world if needed.
Fake! How can you download this? Please make MediaFire direct link!
First of all, just don’t be dumb with the download links. Second of all, most of not all of the links in mcpedl do not directly lead to media fire. You should blame yourself for trying to get mods on here and expecting all of the links to be a direct download link. Third of all, why’d you say fake but then still the fucking download huh? You literally said “fake!” and then “How can I download this, please give me a direct media fire link like i’m the most important fucking person in the world!”
Make this a texture pack
Exactly what I was looking for, Thanks. One small issue is your shield texture actually blocks more of the screen currently.
Amazing work! However I've noticed a few things...
When a wandering trader despawns, his lamas stay behind, enderman arent despawning, and for some reason there is a cursor on the hotbar?
Why dont you have mediafare links they always work i cant just use the adfly link after i block notifications a new access notifications box appears and this happens again and again & it just does not work
I Cant Do It!?
I Am Putting It In Resource packs no Work

And Android
This addon currently supports the latest full release (1.16.20), this may not work on beta releases. Make sure to have the appropriate version before installing it to minecraft
Why cant i get it? Im in 1.16.20 and still wont show up on resource packs? I put it in the file and still nothing, help!
Please reply!
Ok, Thanks still!
Keep Up The Good Work!
Can you make the afk detector a separate add-on?
very good! can I use it in my texture pack?
sadly it didn't work for my server but that's probably because oof me
links are broken.
They aren't if you use any adblocker it may break the link you might wanna turn things off. Correct me if I'm wrong tested it if the link works without ad blocker.
Is there another way you can get the download link?? This thing is not cooperating
Can't download from link. takes me to page with no link or a blank page. have tried the individual links and that didn't work either. is there another way to get the RP & BP?