Published on March 12, 2021 (Updated on March 12, 2021)

Totem Hider Resource Pack

This resource pack hides the totem when equipped on either the mainhand or the offhand of the player.

It could be useful for when you're recording for a video to add screen space for it.

This resource pack only purpose is to hide the totem when equipped on either the mainhand or the offhand

Here is an example which this resource pack would do, as you can see on the hotbar the totem is being held by the player even though it doesnt show on the screen. This works on the latest version of minecraft, (1.16.200 and below will not work thats why I made it separate on Vanilla Tweaks PE).


This Resource Pack isn't monetized and is free to use but that doesn't mean you could upload it to other sites and claim it as your own or create a monetized link when sharing this pack please do direct them to if you do share this.

You don't have to credit me when you use this pack on your videos but if you do I would appreciate it.


  • Totem Hider.mcpack
  • Vanilla Tweaks PE (Separate Addon/Texture Pack)

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Is it possible that the totem is only hiding in the left hand?
When will you update your hardcore addon for 1.16.40
Whats the seed in the picture
Ok why is it that it is a addon when it saids resources pack i mean should you not put it in resource pack instead of addon
It’s actually an addon; the only way to make it a resource pack, that I know of, would be to make it invisible in the inventory too
There's actually no "Resource Pack" Submissions only "Texture Pack" while these two are different Texture packs tend to only replace certain textures of blocks, item, etc. to modify the looks of the game, While Resource Packs changes some resources (eg.player.entity.json) to modify the looks of the game. Correct me if I'm wrong