Published on March 16, 2021 (Updated on April 21, 2021)

Customizable Render Dragon Chunk Borders V3 [the first person update]

This pack will show chunk borders when you have an item like a rocket or nautilus shell in your off hand and are in third person, it also now works in first person if you name a dog "chunky" as long as the dog is in the same chunk as you, the chunks will show up in first person. with 16 different solid colours of chunk border to chose from, and RGB chunk borders, and there are 5 different shapes to give you 85 different combinations and it does not use shaders so it will work on render dragon!

This pack will show chunk borders when you have an item like a rocket or shell in your off hand and are in third person. I created all of the different  colour settings to give it a lot more customisation, however the big brain behind getting the chunk borders to work was madhatter with this pack ( also consider giving his youtube a sub, as he is an amazing player and is also the creator of many other amazing packs like structura, and if you would like an deeper explanation on how it works, hatter made this video on It, but obviously without the extra customisation and first person which I added, but it will still show the basic mechanics if you get confused.

also if you are not aware, minecraft is switching over to using a new rendering engine called render dragon, which does not yet support third party shaders, which all chunk border resource pack relied on in order to function  which is why this exists as it renders a model in the borders of a chunk around a players model. if you would like third party shader support to come to render dragon upvoting this feedback post on will make mojang hopefully add shader support sooner as it will become more prioritized the more upvotes that it gets, and every vote counts

What are chunks and why would you want to see there borders?

every minecraft world is made up of lots of 16x16 cubes of blocks called chunks laid out in an grid paten, and the world is loaded or generated as whole chunks, you can never have half of a chunk loaded at once. so being able to see where a see where a chunk is in your world is useful, as redstone or farms on bedrock edition have a tendency to brake if they are not properly chunk aligned meaning as you move further away from an contraption one part of it may be still loaded, but the other part will not be, causing it to break, but being able to see the chunks can let you place the contraption all inside of one chunk, and so it will be less likely to break.

using first person

using the pack in first person cannot be done by using the player due to minecraft bugs causing the animation to become offset and appear to roll around the screen, however it can be rendered around another entity, and so by naming a dog "chunky" with an name tag as shown here will make the dog render chunks in first person around you

it working in first person can be shown here, as it is rendered around the dog and not you, when the dog moves into a chunk other than the chunk you are in, it will be rendered in that chunk, however if you just sit it down in the chunk you want while working, this should not be an issue, it is however an known bug that on some mobile devices while this works, the dogs texture becomes invisible, and so, if you wish to turn this off, and just use it in 3rd persion there is now an extra pack which when placed above the other 2 will disable this feature so dogs render without the chunk borders.

The shape settings, these can be edited in part 1:

this is what Part 1 looks like, to edit part one simply press the cog icon and chose the shape you want.

for all of theses examples I have used cyan, but they will all work with any colour

full grid

No top And bottom




The different colour settings, these can be edited in part 2:

these setting can all be found inside of this pack, you can click the cog to change the setting 

for all of these examples Full grid was used, however any style works with any colour 





Light grey
















Light blue













And Hatters packs are All under the MIT licence so I am allowed to  redistribute modified versions,

but just to make sure I also got his permission 


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  • added a way to use the pack in first person by renaming a dog chunky
  • bug fixes 

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4.53 / 5 (15 votes)
There's a new update
Is this still compatible?

I love the pack helps me alot.
Yeah it’s still compatible as of 1.18.20 and should still be in the future
And i forgot to rate here!
I loved it but I'm having problems when I house the dog it becomes invisible , and when I name it chunk nothing happens
If possible can this also render bounding boxes because it will be really useful for mob farms.
I need the bounding box of the a fortress because Iam planning on making a wither skeleton farm in my survival world
Dude this pack saves lifes, with render dragon u are the only one that find out how to spot chunks in easy way, thank u bro. Knowing that u already did the impossible would be sick if the grid appears i. The floor instead floating. But maybe asking too much, anyway thank u
Great pack, I would suggest adding a thrown trident mode since it's easier to keep track of those on the ground
And could they not require a name change?
wish it wouldnt remove my skin when I activate the pack, guess thats just a bedrock limitation, would be cool to have this pack active though, sadly I will not
it shouldn't do that, maybe try deleting and reinstalling the pack
Also, why does it have to be a 🐕 for first person to work, whereas in third person you need to have either a firework rocket or a Nautilus Shell? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
Also also, please update this pack to where it no longer needs a 🐕, firework rockets or Nautilus Shells to show the borders.
It uses dogs because if you were to do it on the player it would not line up around you, and it would basically look like it is rolling around all over the place, so that’s a minecraft bug I can’t change, however using dogs gets around that, as they will follow you, and as long as they are in the same chunk it will pretty much work in the same way, and holding rockets allows you to toggle it on and off in game, so that you can always have the resource pack active but only use it when you need it
can you make it work on xbox
it does, just make sure you use the mcaddon manager app, can click use globally
Thanks a lot for this texture pack, i personally like color blue, i didnt seem to have any problem with the texture, best thing is that its not annoying.
There is a new update v 1.16.221 so please make it compatible with that
but amazing pack thanks!
Can i put this in my global resource pack or does it have to be in regular packs?
yes, it works best in your global resources from what I have found
So you have to hold a rocket to see chunks? awsome, i can finally align my base with my mob farm. Or is it the other way around? Idk Awesome pack will test it when i get home. Also can i use this on my realm? Its just some random packs put together I hardly know what most of them do. I can give you the code if you want.
yeah, just hold a rocket in your off hand and go into third person, or name a dog "chunky" to use in first person, and as long as you put these on top of the others it will work
i might be wrong but at least try April 23, 2021 at 1:37 am
is there a way to edit the texture conditions for early gaem?anyways grate pack
I mean you can do, the conditions are the query’s for the chunk render controller at the bottom of the player and wolfs entity files, but all you need is sugarcane and gunpowder to make a rocket, it’s not exactly a late game item
Is this supported mobile version? I mostly play on mobile bc my bros r on pc all time

If its not working please make a update focus to support mobile version without render dragon
Yes it supports all devices, although as I said in the post although the first person way works on mobile, it will render the dog’s texture invisible (but you can still see the chunks), so if that’s an issue for you, you can disable first person and only use it in third person
i might be wrong but at least try April 23, 2021 at 1:33 am
you can try to rename the file Customizable chunk borders V3.mcaddon to Customizable chunk borders and decompress it it should become a file that should fix it
That download text is a mouthful, thats for sure