Published on March 11, 2021 (Updated on August 03, 2021)

More Fonts v2 | Mario 64 Font!

Have you ever wanted to have different types of text fonts? well this is the texture pack you were looking for. This texture pack includes 3 different types of text fonts, and you also want to know its name?

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Finally came a new update for the texture of fonts
and you wonder what it contains again?
-New Mario 64 font and also a white style to work with colored text
-New font called -Square Font- which also includes its PVP version
-New font called -Smooth Font -
-New font called -Default8 HD-
-And bug fix


Supported Minecraft versions

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Cool! but can you add IMPACTED BOLD
hey could you add comic sans
Yooo I am a great fan of Super Mario 64 and I wanted a font for it! Now I have one :]
what is a pvp font? ik pvp packs use ridiculous stuff that ppl think makes them better at pvp but what does the font help?
its just a font
Would like the UWU font if you adjusted it a little more... readable, I guess?
Making the letters "r" and "l" into "w"s would be much simpler to understand...
well its a really great pack i like using it :)😁😁😁
Nice pack pls pls continue updating it pls
Will it be available for other languages ​​or only English at the moment?
is available for any language
hi why is your channel deleted by youtube
ChildhoodNightmares August 05, 2021 at 3:29 pm
AnY WaNt HuGs????