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Published on March 11, 2021 (Updated on March 11, 2021)

Cute Fonts v1

Have you ever wanted to have different types of text fonts? well this is the texture pack you were looking for. This texture pack includes 3 different types of text fonts, and you also want to know its name?

Before I tell you the names of the fonts I need to tell you something, this texture pack is only about text fonts which this texture pack asked me for the community of my discord and which I listened to them about getting a texture pack with different text fonts


|| Social Networks ||

-Youtube channel- Y4H1RX RPS
-Discord- Y4H1RX RPS 的恨與愛#0016
-Twitter- @Y4H1RX_Rps_MC


And now if, what are the sources called? well these are their names:

-uwu Font | 16x16

-Modern Vainish Font | 16x16

-Modern Vainish Font | 32x32

Soon more text fonts will be added, at the moment there are only these 3 text fonts, tell me in the mcpedl comments what other text font you would like me to add or you can also tell me in discord


-¿How to download?-


1- you have to go to the download link
2- you have to wait 5 seconds
3- when the 5 seconds have passed now you have to see some articles for 15 seconds - do not click on any link ad vertise
4- and ready now you just put it in get download link and ready enjoy the texture pack

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Will it be available for other languages ​​or only English at the moment?
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hi why is your channel deleted by youtube
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