Published on November 18, 2019 (Updated on November 21, 2019)

Cuter Vanilla Cows & Mooshrrooms

If you dislike the Vanilla Minecraft Cow and Mooshroom model/texture as much as I do, you might enjoy my resource pack! This resource pack adds a new model and texture for the Cow, Mooshroom, and Brown Mooshroom – which will function as normal.

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As per community request, I added the same changes to both red & brown Mooshroom variants as I did the cows previously including:

  • Added a nose & tail to the Vanilla Mooshroom
  • Improved the Vanilla Mooshroom horns & udders
  • Added a new texture to both red and brown Mooshroom variants based on the Vanilla Cow texture I created 

Other changes:

  • Horns/udders will no longer show on baby cows
  • Fixed z-fighting on cow's chin


  • CuterVanillaCowv1.0.1.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions

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tried to down load this pack and it says invalid zip file, so this does not work
N consigo baixar
This so annoying can you change the download link its not working if you know whats the problem please tell me.
ReadTheInstructionsBtch March 14, 2021 at 4:32 am
I can't download the chicken and cow texture, can you pls fix this? Im using android btw
How do I get the napping cows ?
They look so cute but I can't find where to get them.
Can you please tell me T^T
I want napping cows
It says there between the pictures that the cows napping is not a part of this unfortunately =(
Please change the link to the ad one. This link currently is not working (on the sheep too)
The addon is crazy cute but i cant install it
hello! i love all of your redesigns, especially the sheep ones and this one in particular. but when i try to download either .mcpack, chrome displays a "download error" message. im attempting to download it on my android device, and have not encountered this with any other download pages besides this one and the sheep one you offer. is there any other way we can download this?
1.14 pls
For some reason I can’t download it... the link takes me to a loading page that doesn’t work?
Oh that's very strange.. I just did a test run and was able to download on my laptop, my iphone, and my daughter's android tablet. What type of device are you using? Could it possibly be your device?
Thank you for this! Did a review over on my channel!
I watched it and subbed! Thank you for your kind and honest review. You’re the best! ?
No problem! Thank you for the wonderful addition for Minecraft! Keep up the good work!
Hey can you make a one pack that is all the new fantastic texture you made are in all one pack id be nice!
I did actually make them all in one, I hope you enjoy ♥️
i still dislike the body and its limbs though i like the head and the tail, good job btw
I have a few designs I’m playing with. I agree completely about the legs!! I will update this pack if I find something that works well :)
Cuter vanilla​ mooshroom​ plz
Thank you Beam!! Totally forgot to edit the mooshroom ? I will work on that ASAP!! I feel so dumb for forgetting. Thank you for leaving this comment so I can fix it ASAP!
It’s wonderful!! I was planning on fixing the cows as well. One thing though, you should add back the sclera (white part) of the eye, just don’t make the cow have eyes that look outward.
Thank you so much for your compliment and feedback Soph! I did try adding whites to the eyes but to me it looked strange like the cow was really surprised all the time haha ?so I just went with this texture instead
all of these look amazing, i actually think these should be the vanilla mobs!
Aww BoxCatMc you’re the best, your compliment has truly made my day! ?