Published on November 18, 2019

Cuter Vanilla Cats *Survival Friendly* With Kitty Paws

If you dislike the Vanilla Minecraft cat models as much as I do, you might enjoy my resource pack! This resource pack adds a new model for the kitties – which will function as normal in both survival and creative.


  • CuterVanillaCats.mcpack

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Great job!!!
I really love it! The only thing I would change is that the cat's ears look a bit like fins. Probably just me.
Thank you so much for your kind feedback, I agree they aren't perfect so I'm playing with a couple of designs. If I come up with something I'll be sure to update the pack ?
AND EVEN DIRECT DOWNLOAD ? you are crazy my man. please make one for wolves or fox please?
Thank you HazmiRasid I will consider wolves and foxes! It will be hard to improve because I think they are already cute haha ? I might be crazy but I love sharing my creations! ♥️♥️
Cute!! But i think the ears are a bit big :)
Thank you Darius I will play with them a bit more to try and get them perfect!