Published on November 23, 2019

Cuter Vanilla Rabbits

If you dislike the Vanilla Minecraft Rabbits model/texture as much as I do, you might enjoy my resource pack! This resource pack adds a new model and texture for the rabbit – which will function as normal.


  • CuterVanillaRabbitsv1.0.0.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions

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Why linkvers
Its fine you just have to know how to use it
Cool rabbit
I absolutely love the models, Im on xbox and most of them i can download just fine. But I do ask if you can make a pack with all of them, using Mediafire for console players.
How do you get the black and white spotted rabbit? May be a dumb question but I have a rabbit who looks just like this irl and would like to figure it out in game?
Someone who really likes this! November 23, 2019 at 9:05 pm
Oooh cuter vinilla wolf's next!
I agree 100% just for you, the next creatures I release will be wolves!
Can you make cuter iron golems? Since they're not that cute.