Published on June 19, 2020 (Updated on June 03, 2021)

Darkness Depths

It's an addon just for adventuring and  building civilization it adds new villager types new monster, new weapons, and much more it will also add skills and other stuff in the future

this addon is somewhat inspired by the things in this list:

darkest dungeons


shield hero

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Added Ancient Druid boss fight(minions, boss, and attacks

Added new sword caster and slaves for combat npcs

Added grimoires

Added character cards

Added new mechanics: learning through ancient books for summoning books and rune learning for staffs

Added 3d models for most weapon types(animations pending)

Added altars

Added new armor assasin armor

Added scorpion armor

Added dragon shot for dragon fan

Added rune inscriber

Greblins, Succubus, and Incubus now spawn naturally 

New model for weapon creator

Changed the armor models of: samurai set and knight set

Cosmic eye now has a use

Ores added by the addon can now only be mined with hammers

and a lot of bug fixes

sorry if i forgot to list most of the fixes


Supported Minecraft versions

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When are u going to update thid addon to the newest version of Minecraft?
It sucks, I roamed around all of my minecraftbworld and have not found any biomes you've made. No ores, and other stuff. Please put it on 1
Can you also please update this to be compatible with 1.17 so that you can smelt raw iron.:)
I think you need to fix the wood to netherite katanas,nice add-on though
Hello can you add the dual wield?
Hello I need some help I don’t know how to use the water and earth orbs ability.
Hello! Does the plugin work in the background or should it be in the first place?
if your using another addon that uses player.json i recommend merging them
Ouuuu yea mods
I swear this good pass off ever PC mode I would really appreciate it if you had a quick video explaining from stuff because I'm too lazy to read it's summer vacation I don't wanna read But either way really good mode.
Bloody Glazed Terracotta April 26, 2021 at 1:27 am
I really like this mod. I only have one problem with the mod and that is full moon geisha. She is strong and kills us with one or two hits, but we are fine with that. But when I play the mod with my friends it summons the same number of geisha as the number of players, And it doesn't despawn. You can say it's kinda like the warden in the fact that you have to run for your life, but that's not an option when you are Chased by a flying, teleporting demon (is it a demon? I think it's more like an angel... OF DEATH). So please fix her, either make her easy to kill or make her despawn at day (or do whatever, just nerf and fix her).
Bloody Glazed Terracotta April 26, 2021 at 1:30 am
Not gonna lie, before full moon geisha this was me and my friends best survival mod ever.
Can you remake the weapons here like the katanas to match your 3D combat addon?
The mobs and weapons are higher quality than Dungeon-Craft. :D
I notice some people like playing this together with my Add-On Dungeon-Craft. Hahahaha!
cool dm me on twiiter when you wanna start
MinecraftAddonLover March 07, 2021 at 2:28 am
Please update to 1.16.220 i really like the mod please please please
I mean yea they both make good combo except that the Dino's spawn everywhere even bots