Published on June 25, 2021

Gashapon Addon

Do you ever feel like emeralds don`t give you a deal good enough to its valuetoo bad because if you download this addon its gonna give you more pain This Addon adds a gashapon/gacha system to minecraft by means of a gashapon machine and a gacha box trader

First to call them you must craft the following:

A Gacha Trader Call Item

A Gashapon Machine

The Gashpon Machine:

it dispenses capsules which have 5 tiers

The GachaBox Trader:

He Trades Gacha Boxes for Emeralds 

1 emerald= 1 box/pull

The Capsules/Boxes

The Capsules give materials the highest tier is Red/legendary capsule its prices range from diamonds to netherite

The green/common capsule is the lowest which can give you from cobblestone to arrows

The Boxes Gives equipment ranging from Iron to netherite terms of rarity

Tutorial Video


Supported Minecraft versions

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Aha, This is what I've been looking for! I love gachas
Nice job 😁
hi, how to remove them ?
after i put it it dont want removed
theyre not removable atm sorry bout that
Doesn't work in 1.16.221
you need experimental gameplay enabled
Lol, you type it on the wrong one
So tempted to install this to troll my family but my wife would delete me in real life lol