Published on December 09, 2020 (Updated on February 11, 2021)

Summoning Talismans

This addon adds Summoning Talismans that Summons mobs to fight for you right now there are only 6 mob types that can be summoned (more coming in the future) yey


at the moment there are only 10 types available heres a list with their needed item to craft the drip


Zombie(rotten flesh)




Spider(spider eye)

newly added:

blaze(blaze rod)


wither skeleton(coal)

phantom(phantom membrane)

More are coming

all mobs now despawn after 60 to 80 seconds

How to use:

Just throw it like a snowball it has a 3 second cooldown after use 

p.s do not let it hit an entity because it won`t spawn when it hits one

aim for the ground 

Crafting Recipes:

Summoning Talismans

any drip plus a blank talisman 

Blank talisman

Talisman Drips

Any unique mob drop mixed with ghast tear and blaze powder

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added blaze, silverfish, wither skeleton, and phantom summoning talismans

fixed some mobs not despawning after 60 to 80 seconds

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For more summoning talismans, could you do a guardian, iron golem, and maybe a black snake that’s bite inflicts wither.
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how do i like things this helped with our smp because each people has 2 powers
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Reminds me of the atronach system from Skyrim. Big fan. Very well done.
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