Published on October 27, 2020 (Updated on October 27, 2020)

Extreme Salinity (Squid)

Simple addon that adds the ability to catch squids and do a bunch of things with them like grilling and harvesting their eggs to turn them into projectiles that explode


This addon adds a grill to grill the squids in 

to cook a squid you first need to interact with the squid with a bucket in hand 

next with the squid bucket in hand you can interact with the grill to place the squid you can add salt by simply interacting with the grill with the salt sack in hand 

additional features:

you can interact with squids using tnt to make them explode 

Also squids fight back by clinging onto you dealing a lot of damage their is no way to get squids of you so be careful


Halite ore 

it is the way to a salty life

It is the only way to get salt spawns naturally on the world

(turn on experimental gaming)



This is where you start craft this to cook the squids

Squid Launcher

Just a simple way to yeet the day 

a contraption that harvests the squids eggs and turn them into projectiles that explodes upon contact (need a certain angle for projectiles to explode)

Salt Bag 

Used to craft Salt Sack can be eaten replenishes a decent amount of hunger(15 hunger points/7.5 drumsticks)

Salt Sack

Can be eaten replenishes all hunger but gives you negative effects and a chance at dying from fatal poison

Tutorial :

Known issues 

*Need certain angle for projectiles to explode 

*Salt sack model does not render in first person due to pivot error that i can`t detect

Select version for changelog:


fixed my download links and added zip download link for zip users


Press mcaddon download 

go to website (

press skip don`t allow any ads 

don`t allow notification pop ups

wait until you get to the link 


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