Published on January 25, 2019 (Updated on June 27, 2019)

DarkSide Prisons [Minigame]

This is a prison map made by DarkSide Studios. In prisons you basically have to mine and get scores/coins/money. In this map you can get Coins (Scoreboard Money) and use them for other mine cells and stuff.

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Hey, This map seems like it would be cool to play! was quite sad to find out it’s not supported on the latest version of Minecraft. If this team is still active then hopefully you can update it a wee bit! :)
hi i was wondering how you get enchants like efficiency 10 in bedrock edition and i could not figure out how so i know this world has an op enchant so i was wondering if you could tell me hoe to
So the ads really bother me it took me a hour to download
its a CLICKBAIT it took me to an ad page and tried to scam me and told that i won iphone XS and it somehow knew my IP this thing is unsafe darkside studios i used to play this in my phone but i have an ipad now fix it please or i will warn my telegram groups which have more than 2.000 members!
My problem is ,when I launched the world there's no play button or any portal but I saw a sign item in the floor,,I can't play
Canu make it adfly :(
Its a Awesome Map but the 1 problem is it wont auto regen the mines :{
I love the Idea Tho!
How do you download the map >:( It just redirects me to ad sites!
If anyone is lazy and just want to skip it just do /scoreboard players add @s A 1000000
I can't download this map because it keeps sending me to an ad site. how can I download it?
This map was very fun with lots of people i have had no issues yet.
Can’t get coins
What is this
I cant get coins. I grab my pickaxe and mine wood pumpkins etc and i dont get coins.
This is a good map but the coin system is only for the english language