Published on September 21, 2020 (Updated on February 28, 2022)

DC vs Marvel PVP

DC vs Marvel Pvp is a kit pvp map where instead of choosing a kit, each player will choose one of the 24 unique characters from DC and Marvel Universe to battle against one another in this pvp arena.

This kit pvp map contains 24 total kit (or characters) with 12 characters from each sides.

Every character in this map is balanced, even Superman who is really op can't get near kryptonite (emerald block) unless he wants to die.

Every characters has unique skills like Nightcrawler that can teleport, Thor and Shazam that can summons lightning, or The Flash that will freeze every arrow that's near him. 

Character Select room :


The arena on this map are bigger than most kit pvp maps out there, so it is harder to memorize. But once you get the hang of it, it will be fun to play.

Full map daytime:

Full map nighttime:


Some more screenshots of the map:


This map can support up to 10 players on the scoreboard. Could also be played with only 1 player if you're that lonely.

As mentioned above, characters are balanced and just mostly used for references. So some characters may not have the exact same powers as their comic book or movie counterparts.





Select version for changelog:


Changed some characters to be more balanced within the game. All of the characters should now be more well rounded.

Changed the arena to fit the 1.18 update.


Supported Minecraft versions

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it said unable to connect :(
I wonder why you didn't received any comments when this is one of the best pvp maps I can find in this site. Good job building this! Me and my friends had tons of fun playing here.