Published on March 15, 2021 (Updated on March 13, 2022)

Minecraft Dead Box Parkour - Survival - PvP

This map is basically a simple box where you will find too many challenges, such as parkours, trying to survive from hostile mobs you can even challenge your friend in a PvP
very difficult

how to play?
In this map you will start in a room where you can equip yourself, the grace of this map is to destroy all the spawning mobs that you find and open all the chests of the death box

this map is compatible to play with my addons if you want to play it with them simply add the addon to the map and that's it

compatible addons:

Star Wars



(More addons and maps in my channel)

the beggining
this is the room where your death begins, forgive your adventure ...

After equipping yourself you must look for the spawning mobs and destroy them

Spiderman Addon!

the chests have very high and very good rewards depending on where they are
easy to find


hard to find or pass live parkour

Suport video

more videos 

if you managed to pass the map without dying write me in a youtube comment and you will be greeted and benefited

do you think parkour will be easy? Well no friend if you don't fall for noob the ghosts, skeletons and other mobs will make you fall first


To play a PvP, the players must kill all the mobs with the / kill @ e command and then separate from all the players, this will be too difficult and epic since the entire map is rhodium-plated with fire and lava.



Select version for changelog:


decoration blocks added in the latest versions of minecraft and better compatibility with addons from my youtube channel


Installation Guides

este mapa merece la pena convina todo lo que me gusta el pvp y el parkur aun que parese imposible de pasar