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Published on February 26, 2020 (Updated on April 21, 2021)

Definitive Animations

Definitive Animations is a resource pack that is responsible for giving life to more than 215 textures within the game.
More blocks and items will be updated soon!

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Definitive Animations is a resource pack that is responsible for giving life to more than 215 textures within the game.

More blocks and items will be updated soon!


List of blocks that were modified:


- V7 Textures -

.Basalt Side
.Basalt Top
.Blackstone Top
.Blue Ice
.Cobblestone Mossy
.Double Plant Sunflower Front


- V6 Textures -

Yellow Glazed Terracotta

White Glazed Terracotta

Silver Glazed Terracotta

Red Glazed Terracotta

Purple Glazed Terracotta

Pink Glazed Terracotta

Orange Glazed Terracotta

Magenta Glazed Terracotta

Lime Glazed Terracotta

Light Blue Glazed Terracotta

Green Glazed Terracotta

Gray Glazed Terracotta

Cyan Glazed Terracotta

Brown Glazed Terracotta

Blue Glazed Terracotta

Black Glazed Terracotta



- V5 Textures -

Sweet Berry
Mushroom block
Barrel Top
Chiseled Polished Blackstone
Chiseled Nether Bricks
Coral Ore
Chorus Plant
Cauldron Side
Redsandstone Side
Crafting Table
Coal Block
Warped Door
Crimson Nylium
Crying Obsidian
Iron Door
Iron Trapdoor
Gilded Blackstone
Gold Block
Diamond Block
Emerald Block
Lapis Block
Iron Block
Warped Nylium
Redstone Block
Rail Normal
Rail Normal Turned
Blue Glass
Black Glass
Brown Glass
Cyan Glass
Gray Glass
Green Glass
Light Blue Glass
Lime Glass
Magenta Glass
Orange Glass
Pink Glass
Purple Glass
Red Glass
Silver Glass
White Glass
Yellow Glass
Beacon Shell


 - V3 Textures -

. Iron Block

. Target Side

. Rail Golden Powered

. Soul Torch

. Rail Activator Powered

. Redstone Torch

. Respawn Anchor

. Torch

. Rail Detector Powered

. Lapis Block

. Repeater Up

. Soul Sand

. Pumkpin Face

. Pumkpin Face On

. Piston Top

. HoneyComb


 - V2 Textures -

. Ancient Debris Side

. Ancient Debris Top

. Barrel Side

. Crimson Fungus

. Chest Front

. Cake Top

. Trip Wire Source

. Nether Gold Ore

. Cartography Table Side2

. Cartography Table Top

. Quarts Ore

. Chorus Flower

. Flower Allium

. Flower Blue Orchid

. Flower Thier Rose

. Flower Tulip White

. Flower Rose

. Flower Cornflower

. Flower Dandelion

. Flower Houstonia

. Flower Lily of the Valley

. Flower Oxeye Daisy

. Flower Paeonia

. Flower Rose Blue

. Flower Tulip Pink

. Flower Tulip Orange

. Flower Tulip Red

. Warped Fungus

. Warped Roots

. Warped Roots Pot

. Shroomlight

. Weeping Vines Base

. Nether Wart

.Lodestone Side


 - V1 Textures -

.Bamboo leaves
.Bee's nest
.Beetroots crops
.Blast Furnace
.Support for Potions
.Coral Blocks
.Diamond block
.Dead bush
.Light detector
.Diamond Block
.Spell table
.Ender's Chest
.Portal to the End
.Block of gold
.Gold Ore
.Iron Ore
.Mob Spawner
.Stone of light
.Potato Crops
.Quartz Ore
.Redstone lamp
.Smithing table
.Redstone Ore
.Wheat crops
.Carrot crops


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This version has only been adjustments in the programming of textures, seeking to reduce lag to a minimum, values ​​have been changed at the speed of the animations.


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srry i forgot
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this addon its so hard to find pls chage the name of this addon pls
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Una duda, ¿actualizaras el texture pack para la futura caves & clifts update?
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TheMutantAardvark May 02, 2021 at 3:24 pm
I can't get though adfly because of my adblocker
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TheMutantAardvark May 02, 2021 at 3:26 pm
nvm i fixed it
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Lol I found this in his official video , I checked the description for the downloading and it was in French. So I had to copy the EXACT words just to find the download link. Bear in mind I was on mobile so I couldn't copy and paste ;( .

Funny story

-By dHaNi. [Enter_Meme]
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Anyone here from Waffle66? Anyways 5/5 its cool for hive btw specially for hive sweats
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Sigo esperando tu respuesta, Ragthor, me haz estado acusando de cosas que no hice, manchas mi reputación, afirmas que soy un ladrón pero no muestras pruebas o si a caso muestras pruebas no válidas (sin sentido), después de hacerme todo ésto tienes el descaro de decirme "sUpeRalo niÑo", ¿es encerio? 😐
Vamos, muestra que tienes razón en lo que haz dicho (mayormente te contradices o dices cosas sin sentido) o pide perdón, estoy a poco de devolverte todo lo que me haz hecho desde hace un año.
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People keep giving us adfly links. I always follow the instructions yet I never get to the file. AND, before you even think of saying "DID YOU WAIT 15 SECONDS?" and all that, YES. I HAVE.
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U noob who cant even search how to bypass adfly
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I waited 5 seconds , click skip ad , turned on notifications , download , go to settings , go to notifications , removed Adfly
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I can't download. I wait for 5 seconds, I click on Skip Ad, but nothing happens.
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It doesn't work for me :(
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Is this gonna be laggy?
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Hello Ragthor, I was making a port of Flower Frenzy from Java Edition, will you mind if you add definitive animations support? Just asking ;)
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You mean to make a version of Definitive Animations for your add-on? I like the idea :)
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Oh you agree? Okay, I'm making the port now
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Oh you agree? Okay, I'm making the port now, also I'll give you the link
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Es realmente genial, tiene animaciones muy bonitas
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