Published on November 18, 2020 (Updated on September 02, 2022)

Zero Zone

The alarms sound, the nuclear reactor exploded and now the world has become a dangerous place. Are you ready to enter it?

Zero Zone is an Add-On that modifies the game to give a more hostile environment towards the player. Entities, item behavior and more have been modified to make your struggle to survive even more difficult.

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. bugs fixed

. Added support for 1.19

. The items were modified:



. Blocks changed:

- Fire

- Nether Gold Ore


- Quarts Ore

. The following mobs have been modified:

- Creeper

- Piglin

- Piglin Brute

- Zombie Piglin


-Wandering Trader

. Added piglin infected


Supported Minecraft versions

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Plz remade Zombie texture...
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
Wow man I see you asking authorisation to upload modules to your netease my world.
Stop with those scams of yours! It just makes money for you not the creator!
I really want to download this mod, but for whatever reason my college campus internet blocks linkvertise and I can't access the download page.
You can access from MCPEDL Itself, I figured this out yesterday. My school also blocks linkvertise. (Im only in middle school so-)
Ta piola😎👌
Also adding like a whole new dimension with a boss called Dr.Radioactive who is a Doctor infected that got sucked in to a rift made by the explosion. It will take this addon to a whole new level.
your add-on is cool, I suggest adding more zombie mutations, such as villagers who are infected by the virus outbreak and piranha fish that also mutate into zombies. So there is a challenge under the sea
your doing great with this addon the animals should be infected by zombies as and the in the nether there can be zombies that can infect the piglins and infect them as zombies.
Очень хороший мод но можно ли попросить перерисовать модели обычных животных и жителей чтобы они не выглядили так будто ничего не произошло ^_^
Are you a fan of technoblade?
Wow, i've been wanting to play in an apocalyptic world and you made it!
MrAgentBlaze's Second Account November 18, 2020 at 8:24 pm
ah yes i can finally use AG3D
Noice! one thing, could you add more mobs and biomes? I would also like abandoned cities or even nuclear factories. Just some ideas. Its a great pack tho!