Published on August 10, 2022 (Updated on October 18, 2022)

Deluxe Life II

Deluxe Life II is a creative map set on an island. It consists of a main structure: a modern mansion by the sea. Around it we can see 2 yachts and a cruise ship in the port of a small village. The ships are created in such a way that they are habitable for the player. To give more life to the island, there are villagers living in the village, with whom we can trade and have a good time.


With the update, a mill was added, an area of ​​sand has been created to cross to the next island and where we will find a country house where we will also find animals.

In the sea, if we look closely, we will find a small submerged structure (empty for possible decoration in future updates)


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The new update will contain the following:

  1. A windmill has been created next to the village of villagers.
  2. A path has been formed that connects with the next island.
  3. In turn, a tunnel has been created through a mountain to connect the road with our country house.
  4. A small country house has been created with animals in its surroundings for farming.
  5. A structure has been built under the surface of the sea, empty at the moment but which can be used for bunkers or warehouses, even a house for the player.
  6. The sea floor has been decorated and the terrain of the map has been modified a bit.
  7. Finally, the villagers' houses have been modified to give more space and fit better into the environment.



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Sure, no problem. You can use if you like.
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