tag: 16x16

By InkNinja11
Published on 26 Feb, 2024
We all know one Chunk survival in Minecraft, you survive in a world that is only 16 x 16 blocks or 1 chunk. Well here is PE one Chunk world.
By Atom44ik
Published on 21 Feb, 2024
Russ big city is A small Soviet town located at the turn of the times, what awaits you around the next turn - new supermarkets, old buildings, or maybe a mysterious crime story?...
By Gep118
Published on 7 Feb, 2024
This is a map to play the squid games cristal game, you can play with friends or solo!There are two difficulties:Hard: one live.Easy: infinites lives.RECOMENDED THINGS: RTX norm...
By CreeperMax395
Published on 6 Feb, 2024
This Map Is A Pre-Released Map So The Map Is Done For Now . Injoy The Map That I Made . [ Am So Tired To Make The Map ]
By Ishanhasan0a
Published on 6 Feb, 2024
This parkour map is very interesting to complete as it has may challanges . And checkpoints is also given in this map .And also if you are facing problem of hunger so you will g...
By Godsamer5
Published on 4 Feb, 2024
Experience grandeur in Minecraft with the Yotenhim Castle addon 🏰. Encounter majestic fortresses scattered across the landscape, challenging survival instincts. Gather resource...
By TheThoughCookies09
Published on 30 Jan, 2024
Hey hey hey,just to know something about this map is that this map contains almost every biome in Minecraft,so why don't you just download it? It's an amazing map,you will love ...
By Wiskyslow
Published on 8 Feb, 2024
In this horror map based on "Jason X of Friday 13th" you have a neighbor who does strange things and you are going to check what happens, you will have to face this murderer in ...
Published on 14 Jan, 2024
This is poppy playtime 3 you need to escape the factory and the main villains are smiliy kitters, after going off the rails the situation has taken an unforeseen twist and now y...
By Sat-blast-craft
Published on 3 Jan, 2024
Note:-This map is not finished yet but most of the part has been built  Map Details/Story Story:- this is a kingdom (no name) on the mountains in the middle of the big rivers an...
By GameplayAiman
Published on 28 Dec, 2023
Welcome To Eternal Nightfall: The Uprising Zombie Apocalypse Minecraft Pe Map!!This Map Doesn't Use Any Addons Mods(But You Can Add Some If You Like). So You Can Use Any Resourc...
By ItsBeast
Published on 25 Dec, 2023
Beast Laboratory V3-Do you want to improve your PvP skills or your Survival skills? Do you want to play single player and multiplayer games? well this map is perfect for you. Be...
By Toes4Weezer
Published on 19 Dec, 2023
Welcome to The Town Of Evergreen! This command-based adventure map allows players to explore the town, discover locations, engage in conversations with residents, uncover hidden...
By LucaLoxx
Published on 17 Dec, 2023
Mushroom Village is a village consisting of mushroom houses and balloons. On this kcard, you can start your survival, or just put it as a background for beautiful frames. I real...