Published on February 04, 2024 (Updated on February 05, 2024)

[ Chapter 1 ] The UnEnding Nightmare [Pre-Released]

This Map Is A Pre-Released Map So The Map Is Done For Now . Injoy The Map That I Made . [ Am So Tired To Make The Map ]

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Added A Few Buildings


The Unknoun Well

The Underground [ Unknoun Well ]

3 Ruined Houses

Ruined Tower

Villager Camp

3 New Houses

The Archaeologist Shop

New Changes :

● Added Command Blocks To Spawn New Mobs When Is Triggered At Sunset/Night/Midnight

● Added Command Blocks To Kill Night Mobs When Is Triggered At Day/Sunrise

● Added Command Blocks To Give The Player Some Bullets Each Night He Survives

● Added Command Blocks To Function The Archaeologist Villager To Spawn Or Despawn Each Days [ Triggered At Day/Night ]

● Added A Small Pitch Black Lobby And Addon Creators Credits

● Added The Unknoun Monster A Place To Spawn [ The UnderGround Well ]

Changes :

● Change The Sound Pack Named Parallax Sound Pack

Fixes :

● Fixed The Archaeologist Villager Hand Not To High

● Fixed The Pottery Dyed Textures/Models

● Fixed Villager AI [ The Farmer Isn't Doing Is Job ]


Report Some Bugs If You Find One

Pls Download This Map Because Am Very Tired Because For Setting Commands Blocks And Buildings So Pls Download This Map In Thank You .




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This is not complete because alot of changes and new structures and also commands ill release in soon