Published on December 03, 2020 (Updated on December 03, 2020)

Des Bijoux Backgrounds

This pack includes Des Bijoux background, but with different colors. The pack contains only 5 new colors to the background. You are welcome to use it for private purposes, but for public, you need to change everything: panoramas, codes, names, etc. Have fun!



  • Des-Bijoux-backgrounds_1607028743.mcpack

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Yaaaaaay :) it works ^^
Cool Background Good because I play Minecraft 1.14.50 so this works for 1.14.50 so it is good.
Hey creator so I am making a pvp pack so I liked your green color background so can I use it in my pack I will give you the credits
Sorry, but I can agree on that. You will probably make even better panorama if you use some creativity?