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Published on March 17, 2018 (Updated on April 01, 2020)

Discount TNT Run [Minigame]

Discount TNT Run is an intense minigame which you can either play by yourself or together with other players. You'll run around in a medium-sized arena with a floor made out of pressure plates, sand and TNTs. Running the pressure plates will trigger the TNTs which then makes the sand floor beneath you fall down to a bottomless void. Your main objective is to survive for as long as possible!


  • Fully resetable
  • Join an ongoing game!
  • Will... kill you.
  • Free soundtrack! (jingle)

 Creator: jigarbov, Twitter Account, Website


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No major changes, was alerted to the files being corrupted so reuploaded to resolve that. Also fixed a bug where you could fall and not die. Also added a super great Feature Image.

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Video is epic
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Hey, aren't you the guy that made the redstone basics guide? I really liked that one. This map is good too.
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dit veld is verijst
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Very coul mepp
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Very great mini game. I really like the “Jingle ? !”
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