Published on March 20, 2021 (Updated on March 20, 2021)

Disney Creepy Pasta Addon [BETA] (Horror)

Disney Creepy Pasta Addon for Minecraft PE Adds some really creepy mobs into the game from Disney Shows. There are only 3 for now, ill add more soon.

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can you fix the download link because when i go to it. a message thats called your connection is not private shows up and i want a mediafire link for the resource and behavior pack
When I tried to use it it said it was incompatible please fix this.
can u add the if u killed goofy he will drop his chainsaw?
Peashooter Smoking a Fat Blunt May 23, 2021 at 12:30 pm
You Should Make a Scary Garfield Addon Too. Just Basically Copy This Add-On, But Make It Garfield. Machete Mickey Is Replaced By Machete Garfield, Hypnotised Donald Id Now Hypnotised Odie, And Phsycho Goofy Is Phsyco Jon!
You should add deranged Minnie and rabid pluto
oo this looks cool, I might use this to play with my friends and terrorize them
linkvertise tho so nevermind