DJ's Hide and Seek

This is a massive high quality hide and seek map. The map download size is quite large as it is 92 mb so there is alot of possibility for fun. The map traditionally requires two players but you can enter the map and check it out by yourself. 

The map begins by walking through the pressure plates in the main lobby. This sends you into a room where you can choose who the seeker is. The wanna be hiders all press the hider button and the seeker/s press the seeker button. Once the seeker makes it into the waiting lobby the match timer starts. When the last person is found they end the round in the dead lobby.

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- Fixed a timer issue where it said 4 minutes left twice in a round

- Fixed another issue where seekers keep their effects from the previous round

- If there are still problems comment down below 


All you have to do is wait 5 seconds and press "SKIP AD" this will take you to the mediafire link. DO NOT press other download buttons while not on mediafire.

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Nice map make more
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This map is really fun!
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Wow this maps amazing! How long did it take?!?!?!?!?
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It brings me to gesty and then brings me to mediafire and there is something called good one with around 90 megabytes worth of stuff. I think your link is broken
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